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Field Office Travel Percentages

Central District 

Field OfficesPercentage of Overnight Travel
Alexandria, Minn.40% to 60%
Champaign, Ill.30% to 50%
Chicago (Downers Grove), Ill.30% to 50%
Chicago (Schaumburg), Ill.30% to 50%
Cincinnati, Ohio30% to 40%
Cleveland, Ohio40% to 50%
Columbus, Ohio30% to 40%
Detroit, Mich.50% to 60%
Duluth, Minn.35% to 55%
Evansville, Ind.50% to 75%
Fargo , N.D.45% to 60%
Indianapolis, Ind.40% to 60%
Iron Mountain, Mich.50% to 75%
Louisville, Ky.60% to 85%
Milwaukee , Wis.40% to 60%
Minneapolis, Minn.35% to 55%
Peoria, Ill.50% to 70%
St. Louis, Mo.30% to 55%

Northeastern District 

Field OfficesPercentage of Overnight Travel
Boston, Mass.40% to 55%
Charleston, W.Va.60% to 70%
Charlotte, N.C.50% to 60%
New York Metro (Edison and Jersey City, N.J. and New York City, N.Y.)30% to 45%
Philadelphia (Trevose), Pa.35% to 40%
Pittsburgh (Monroeville), Pa.35% to 40%
Roanoke, Va.50% to 60%
Syracuse, N.Y.40% to 55%
Washington, D.C.up to 30%
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.up to 80%

Southern District 

Field OfficesPercentage of Overnight Travel
Amarillo, Texas50% to 65%
Atlanta, Ga.65% to 80%
Birmingham, Ala.75% to 90%
Dallas, Texas40% to 50%
Fort Worth, Texas70% to 75%
Houston, Texas30% to 40%
Jackson, Miss.75% to 90%
Jacksonville, Fla.40% to 55%
Little Rock, Ark.50% to 60%
Longview, Texas40% to 45%
Lubbock, Texas45% to 65%
Memphis, Tenn.60% to 70%
Miami, Fla.15% to 25%
Nashville, Tenn.80% to 95%
New Orleans, La.60% to 70%
Oklahoma City50% to 65%
San Antonio (North), Texas65% to 75%
San Antonio (South), Texas75% to 85%
Tampa, Fla.45% to 55%
Tulsa, Okla.50% to 70%

Western District 

Field OfficesPercentage of Overnight Travel
Albuquerque, N.M.60% to 80%
Billings, Mont.50% to 70%
Denver, Colo.50% to 70%
Des Moines , Iowa55% to 75%
Joplin, Mo.40% to 60%
Los Angeles, Calif.25% to 45%
Omaha, Neb.50% to 60%
Orange County, Calif.50% to 60%
Overland Park, Kan.30% to 50%
Phoenix, Ariz.40% to 60%
Salina, Kan.40% to 60%
Salt Lake City, Utah40% to 60%
San Diego, Calif.55% to 70%
San Francisco, Calif.40% to 60%
Santa Ana, Calif.50% to 65%
Seattle, Wash.50% to 70%
Sioux City, Iowa50% to 60%
Sioux Falls, S.D.50% to 60%
Wichita, Kan.40% to 50%