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Length of Service:  July 2014


45 Years

Laura L. McAuliffe

40 Years

David H. Malmquist

35 Years

Myers Dallas Campbell
Louise A. Francis
Jeffrey T. Leigh
Kathryn S. Metcalf
William Patterson
David L. Pennell
Donna L. Prince
Thomas Joseph Tott
Vicki Valcour

30 Years

Teresa Chin-Fung Greenwell
Gary J. McCune
Joel Miller
Tarek Sawi
Celeste M. Zywiciel

25 Years

Susan Chomicz Bowman
Monica D. Cobb
David Elkes
Hans E. Hansen
Barry C. Hood
Kurt J. Kirch
Karen C. McDermott
Alonzetta M. Mercer
W. Carter Messick
Noel Nepomuceno
Eileen S. Siegel
Howard C. Verp
Michael J. Vitti

20 Years

Andre D. Adams
David W. Finnegan
Lori F. Spear
Lee M. Straus

15 Years

Lorianne Bader
Janice M. Balber
Maria Y. Cade
Michael W. Dane
Joseph A. Famoso
Vanessa J. Frigan
Roger Mahach
Kathleen E. Oldenborg
David Zachary Rachidi
William R. Reeves
Jeremy David Rogers
Tim K. Surillo
Lizzie L. Wesley

10 Years

Barbara F. Buckley
Stephanie Nicole Collins
Ron C. Locklear
Min Qi
Alexis D. Reese
Christopher A. Sterbenz
Larry H. Wade

5 Years

Tafaraji C. Allen
Joel Wilcox Brown
Darryle R. Brown
John F. Eckes
Andrew Richard Goad
Peter Chadwell Koch
Jahmal Jaleel Lake
James Jeffrey Schneider
Guowei Zhang

Last Updated: 08/01/2014