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Length of Service:  October 2013


Federal Length of Service Awards


Gloria L. Redden

40 Years

Andre R. Wilson

35 Years

Joanne N. Balenbin
Ross A. Bley
Anthony M. DeSilva
Rossana S. Navasca

30 Years

Philip A. Gerbick
Jill M. Morton
Louise Anne Tuorto
John B. Williams

25 Years

Rene Kieth Flores
Denise A. Mueller
Renetta M. Quinones
Claudia J. Reynolds
John G. Schenerlein

20 Years

Thomas E. Cefola
Constance Fuchs
Marie Hart
Michael M. McCarty

15 Years

Patrick R. Galloway
Wendy W. Huang
Mairanne M. Meldrum
Jerry W. Patton Jr.

10 Years

Carolyn T. French
Wendy B. Taylor

5 Years

Bryan O. Adcock
Ian Andrew Campbell
Paula M. Johnson
Antoinette Martin
Kevin Mitchell Niemerg
William Edward Ross
Justin Timothy Solobay
Zhong Y. Tong

Last Updated: 04/11/2014