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Top Story:  Bank Examiner Makes CNN's List of Best Jobs in America


A Web site for the CNN television network calls “bank examiner” one of the best jobs in the nation.

Featuring a photo of NBE Brandi Flowers and NBE Jason Clarke, the CNNMoney site ranks bank examiner 18 on a list of 100 careers with “big growth, great pay and satisfying work.” 

The site explains that “detail-oriented” examiners inspect assets and liquidity to ensure that banks comply with regulations and don’t engage in “risky behavior.” Examiners have “a lot riding on their shoulders” as the “first line of defense in preventing bank disasters.”

NBE Brandi Flowers was one of the OCC examiners featured in CNN’s report on America’s best jobs.

NBE Brandi Flowers was one of the OCC examiners featured in CNN’s report on America’s best jobs.

Flowers is quoted as praising the wide variety of challenges in examining.  “You’re never doing the same job and you’re never in the same place. I’m always learning new things.” In May of this year, the 10-year OCC veteran came to Headquarters to be an analyst for Rosalyn Anthony, Assistant Deputy Comptroller for Midsize Banks.

Inclusion in the CNN list helps promote the OCC as a great place to work and contributes to the recruiting of talent. When presented with the opportunity for OCC to be on the list, Public Affairs worked with Midsize and Community Bank Supervision (MSCBS) to find someone to highlight as part of the feature and sought out Flowers because of her participation in the OCC’s recent recruiting video.

Beverly Cole, Senior Advisor to Senior Deputy Comptroller for Midsize and Community Bank Supervision, serves as a mentor to Flowers. “Both Brandi and I began our OCC careers in the Little Rock field office,” Cole says. “She is not only a skilled examiner but also goes beyond the call of duty to persuade talented people to join the OCC. She is an outstanding ambassador for the agency.”

Flowers joined the Little Rock field office in 2003. Since then she has volunteered to support OCC recruiting efforts in many ways, including visiting college campuses, conducting dozens of job interviews, and speaking at forums for precommission and newly commissioned examiners.

She is also the newly elected president of the OCC’s Coalition for African-American Regulatory Employees (CARE) and helps lead its recruitment and retention efforts.

Last Updated: 10/21/2014