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Top Story:  Successful Completion for PC Refresh


By Ben Carollo
Information Technology Services

After more than a year of planning and deployment, the PC Refresh project concluded o this summer, and all OCC employees are now using their new PCs.

This monumental effort was made possible by the hard work of staff throughout the agency, ranging from the deployment coordinators within all OCC business units to the Information Technology Services (ITS) staff who pulled the strings in the background to make sure that more than 5,800 new PCs and associated peripheral equipment ended up where they needed to be.

The new PCs, with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010, deliver new features, enhanced performance, and greater information security. “These PCs are significantly faster than the OCC’s previous models, and customers should find their PCs to be very reliable,” says Raida Douglas, PC Refresh Program Manager.

The deployment of the PC Refresh project wasn’t easy. ITS had to develop multiple business unit “images,” or lists of software and settings based on what employees needed to complete work tasks. At the same time, ITS staff also had to fill thousands of individual requests from employees who needed non-standard software installed on their computers. Though non-standard software installations are still outstanding, the vast majority of users are able to fully appreciate the improvements of the new system.

The PC Refresh deployment process, endorsed by the Executive Committee’s Technology and Systems Subcommittee, followed industry best practices. During the process, OCC staff performed the required PC transition activities on a timetable that worked with business units’ schedules. OCC employees received phone and on-site assistance from ITS Customer Support. The deployment process mirrored the experience that one would have ordering a home PC online. In addition to minimizing staff downtime by reducing the amount of time employees were without computers, it also enabled employees to manage their own data transfers to the new computer.

Although many employees assumed responsibility for setting up their computers and transferring data from the old PCs to the new ones, ITS provided support along the way. This support ranged from assisting individuals with locating missing components of an order to arranging group sessions when ITS staff walked employees through the data migration process.  “The support provided by the ITS team during our deployment was excellent,” says Maureen Whalen, Assistant Deputy Comptroller in the Northeastern District. “While these large-scale initiatives are challenging, our ITS team made sure our district’s deployment was successful from start to finish.”

Overall, 88 percent of employees surveyed after deployment reported having a positive experience with the PC Refresh process.

But the ITS team is not resting on its laurels. It is planning to conduct a lessons-learned analysis of what went well and identify ways to improve the process for the next PC Refresh. The team will engage business unit representatives for feedback.

“I want to thank all of the OCC staff for their patience as we worked together on the PC Refresh project over the last year,” says ITS CIO Ed Dorris.  “ITS looks forward to receiving additional feedback on the process so that we can continue to work together to meet your technology needs.”

Last Updated: 10/21/2014