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Top Story:  SuperVisions to Become Online-Only News Source


A message from the managing editor.

In preparing this message, I sifted through the archives to learn more about the history of SuperVisions. Dusty accordion folders hold handwritten notes of SuperVisions editorial meetings, correspondence, and print copies of the newsletter. The early folders, beginning with the December 1985 issue, include a double side, double density 5¼-inch floppy disk–remember those?

Twenty-eight years and 329 issues later, the print version of SuperVisions is coming to an end. Beginning October 2013, SuperVisions articles will be available only on the OCCnet. The online-only format offers a number of advantages:

  • Provides more timely information; instead of the usual 30-day news cycle, articles will be posted online as soon as they become final
  • Allows the writer to include hyperlinks
  • in the article to other online information
  • Takes advantage of the redesigned OCCnet and the new content management system
  • Saves paper and dollars
  • Joins a growing trend among public and private sector organizations to discontinue paper-based newsletters and publications

In addition, online SuperVisions articles may be shared with others on the OCC network via e-mail, and they will feature a rating system that allows you to score each article on readability, relevancy, and timeliness. This feedback will help the Internal Communications team continue to improve SuperVisions.

The decision to cease the print version of SuperVisions will be applauded by some and come as a disappointment to others. In fact, the debate over whether or not to maintain the newsletter is well documented in the SuperVisions archive. But over time, I have received an increasing number of inquiries from employees calling for the end of the paper newsletter–primarily in support of environmentalism.

The final decision, however, was really made by employees. Public Affairs, through ECLite, polled OCC business units about their preferences concerning a print-based newsletter. Although some employees wanted to retain the paper newsletter, the majority of those polled preferred an online-only format. Based on that feedback, plans to shift the focus to an online version began.

To keep employees informed of what articles are being published online, a list of SuperVisions articles recently posted to the OCCnet will appear in every other issue of “What’s New at the OCC.” Stories will also be promoted in the features box of the OCCnet homepage. You can visit the SuperVisions page on the OCCnet at any time to check for the latest news, and you can “subscribe” to the SuperVisions RSS feed and receive updates in your Outlook mailbox when new articles are posted.

Although SuperVisions is an employee newsletter, more than 700 OCC alumni receive the newsletter by mail each month. While dissolving the print edition of SuperVisions will end this service to alumni, Public Affairs is exploring other ways to keep alumni informed about the OCC.

In closing this chapter of SuperVisions, I want to thank all those who contributed to the employee newsletter over the past 28 years. You have played an important part in raising employee awareness about the OCC’s activities, the trends in supervision and the industry, and the men and women who make OCC a great place to work.

Last Updated: 10/21/2014