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Advisory Letters issued prior to the OTS Integration date that apply to FSAs

OCC #Issued DateGuidance TitleReason Applicable
AL 2003-302/21/2003Avoiding Predatory and Abusive Lending Practices in Brokered and Purchased LoansBy OCC 2013-34
AL 2003-202/21/2003Guidelines for National Banks to Guard Against Predatory and Abusive Lending PracticesBy OCC 2013-34
AL 2000-1011/27/2000Payday LendingBy OCC 2012-02
AL 2000-707/26/2000Abusive Lending PracticesBy OCC 2013-34
AL 2001-0404/30/2001Identity Theft and Pretext CallingBy OCC 2012-02