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Rescinded Regulatory Bulletins*

NumberIssue DateTitleRescinded DateComment
RB 38-407/01/2010Trust and Asset Management - Exam Administration01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 38-305/20/2010Individual Retirement Accounts 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 38-202/25/2010Pre-Need Funeral and Cemetery Trusts 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 38-101/26/2010Document Custody 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37a10/30/2006Examination Handbook01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-7005/02/2011Truth in Lending Act 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6902/10/2011One- to Four-Family Residential Real Estate Lending 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6802/10/2011Exam Scheduling, Scoping, and Management 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6701/04/2011Fair Credit Reporting Act - Risk-based Pricing Notices01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6612/29/2010Real Estate Owned and Repossessed Assets 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6512/14/2010Electronic Fund Transfer Act 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6411/05/2010Sampling 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6310/04/2010Truth in Lending 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6209/21/2010Capital Adequacy 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6109/14/2010Truth in Savings 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-6008/31/2010Fair Credit Reporting Act - Financial Institutions as Furnishers of Information01/04/2011Rescinded by RB 37-67
RB 37-5907/13/2010Truth in Lending10/04/2010Rescinded by RB 37-63
RB 37-5807/01/2010Classification of Assets 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-5706/22/2010Electronic Fund Transfer Act12/14/2010Rescinded by RB 37-65
RB 37-5606/22/2010Reserve Requirements and Interest on Deposits01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-5505/20/2010Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-5405/18/2010Fraud and Insider Abuse01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-5305/07/2010Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices - FTC Act 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-5204/02/2010Truth in Lending10/04/2010Rescinded by RB 37-63
RB 37-5101/15/2010Liquidity Risk Management and Investment Securities01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-5012/18/2009Truth in Savings Act09/14/2010Rescinded by RB 37-61
RB 37-4912/16/2009Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-4811/03/2009Truth in Lending01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-4710/27/2009Internal Control 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-4610/15/2009Home Mortgage Disclosure Act 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-4510/14/2009Other Commercial Lending 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-4409/29/2009Truth in Lending04/02/2010Rescinded by RB 37-52
RB 37-4309/16/2009New Activities and Services 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-4209/02/2009RE Settlement Procedures Act01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-4108/28/2009Fair Lending Examination Procedures01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-4008/28/2009Truth-in-Lending Act01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-3906/11/2009Classification of Assets07/01/2010Rescinded by RB 37-58
RB 37-3806/04/2009Servicemembers Civil Relief Act01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-3705/05/2009Electronic Fund Transfer Act06/22/2010Rescinded by RB 37-57
RB 37-3604/29/2009Truth in Lending and Consumer Leasing Act01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-3504/16/2009Conduct of Agency Personnel 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-3404/02/2009Truth in Savings, Regulation DD12/18/2009Rescinded by RB 37-50
RB 37-3303/26/2009Reserve Requirements (Regulation D)06/22/2010Rescinded by RB 37-56
RB 37-3202/27/2009Examination Scheduling, Scoping, and Management02/2010/11Rescinded by RB 37-68
RB 37-3101/22/2009Corporate Governance and Oversight by the Board of Directors01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-3001/22/2009Income Property Lending 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-2911/24/2008Equal Credit Opportunity 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-2811/13/2008Mortgage Banking 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-2710/24/2008Information Technology Risks and Controls and Fair Credit Reporting Act10/24/2008Conveyance3
RB 37-2610/08/2008Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Dependents01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-2510/03/2008Fair Credit Reporting Act Affiliate Marketing Regulation08/31/2010Rescinded by RB 37-60
RB 37-2409/17/2008One-to Four-Family Residential Real Estate Lending01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-2307/18/2008Enforcement Actions01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-2205/07/2008Fair Credit Reporting Act, Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act, Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and Junk Fax Prevention Act08/31/2010Rescinded by RB 37-60
RB 37-2112/13/2007Loans to One Borrower01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-2007/31/2007Mortgage Banking11/13/2008Rescinded by RB 37-28
RB 37-1907/02/2007Community Reinvestment Act Examination Handbook01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-1803/21/2007One- to Four-Family Residential Real Estate Lending02/2010/11Rescinded by RB 37-69
RB 37-1703/08/2007Interagency Fair Lending Examination Procedures08/28/2009Rescinded by RB 37-41
RB 37-1605/08/2006Credit Card Lending01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-1504/20/2006Information Technology Risks and Controls10/24/2008Rescinded by RB 37-27
RB 37-1403/13/2006Examination Systems02/2010/11Rescinded by RB 37-68
RB 37-1302/23/2006Fair Credit Reporting Act, Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act, and Telephone Consumer Protection Act05/07/2008Rescinded by RB 37-22
RB 37-1202/23/2006Transactions with Affiliates and Insiders01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-1106/16/2005Lending Operations and Portfolio Risk Management, LTOB, 1-4 Family Mortgage01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-1002/18/2005Check 2101/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-902/18/2005Home Mortgage Disclosure Act10/15/2009Rescinded by RB 37-46
RB 37-811/30/2004Compliance Oversight Examination Program01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-711/30/2004Financial Records and Reports01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-611/30/2004Management Assessment01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 37-511/30/2004Oversight by the Board of Directors01/25/2009Rescinded by RB 37-31
RB 37-411/30/2004Ratings: Developing, Assigning, and Presenting02/2010/11Rescinded by RB 37-68
RB 37-311/30/2004Examination Scheduling, Scoping, and Management02/28/2009Rescinded by RB 37-31
RB 37-211/30/2004Examination Systems03/13/2006Rescinded by RB 37-14
RB 37-111/30/2004Handbook and Program Use01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 3711/30/2004Examination Handbook10/30/2006Rescinded by RB 37a
RB 36-101/29/2004Compliance Activities Handbook Update11/20/2013Outdated1
RB 3406/08/2001Examiner Guidance on Wholesale Borrowings05/17/2012Replaced4 by Comptroller’s Handbook – Liquidity
RB 3308/31/1995New FDIC "Pass-through" Deposit Insurance Coverage Disclosure Rule03/13/1996Rescinded by RB 33a
RB 32-3401/07/2004Networking Arrangements01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-3312/18/2003Capital Stock and Ownership01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-3212/02/2003Liquidity Management01/15/2010Rescinded by RB 37-51
RB 32-3111/20/2003Capital Adequacy09/21/2010Rescinded by RB 37-62
RB 32-3009/23/2003Asset-Backed Securitizations01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-2908/05/2003Operations Analysis 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-2806/06/2003Enforcement Actions07/18/2008Rescinded by RB 37-23
RB 32-2703/14/2003Conduct of Agency Personnel04/16/2009Rescinded by RB 37-35
RB 32-2607/31/2002Other Assets and Liabilities 01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-2507/25/2002External Audit01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-2406/19/2002QTL, Financial Records and Reports, Present Value Analysis01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-2302/13/2002Internal Control, External Audit, Internal Audit, Fraud and Insider Abuse01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-2201/07/2002Overall Conclusions, TDR's, Meetings with the BOD01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-2101/07/2002Technology Risk Controls04/20/2006Rescinded by RB 37-15
RB 32-2011/26/2001Regulatory Profile11/30/2004Rescinded by RB 37-2
RB 32-1911/01/2001Capital Stock/
Ownership, Operations Analysis
08/05/2003 and 12/18/2003Rescinded by RB 32-29 and RB 32-33
RB 32-1804/12/2001Funds Management, Investment Securities, and Derivative Instruments and Hedging01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-1701/14/2000Consumer Lending01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-1612/30/1999Appendix A, Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (Other Assets/ Liabilities07/31/2002Rescinded by RB 32-26
RB 32-1511/18/1999Capital Stock and Ownership, Cash Flow and Liquidity, Interest Rate Risk Management01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-1407/12/1999Conduct of Agency Personnel03/14/2003Rescinded by RB 32-27
RB 32-1306/28/1999RADS, Leasing Activities, Equity Investments01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-1206/18/1999Oversight by the BOD, Management Assessment, TWA11/30/2004 and 02/23/2006Rescinded by RB 37-5, RB 37-6, and RB 37-12
RB 32-1104/19/1999Other Assets and Liabilities, REO and Other Repossessed Assets, Fixed Assets01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-1003/17/1999Exam Strategy, CAMELS Ratings, Margin Securities01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-901/28/1999QTL06/19/2002Rescinded by RB 32-24
RB 32-809/18/1998EDS ROE, Reg Plan, TDRs, Fraud and Insider Abuse, Fin Records, Reports, Operations Analysis, Deposits, Borrowed Funds01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-705/28/1998Handbook Use, Program Use, Conduct of Agency Personnel, Overall Conclusions, Margin Securities, Meetings with BOD01/06/2012Conveyance3
RB 32-610/15/1997Information Technology01/07/2002Rescinded by RB 32-21
RB 32-512/23/1996Qualified Thrift Lender Test01/28/1999Rescinded by RB 32-9
RB 32-4 App.05/07/1993Appendices: A - SEC Policy Bank Mutual Fund Names; B - SEC Policy Networking Arrangements; C - Questions/ Answers Non-deposit Investment Products01/07/2004Rescinded by RB 32-34
RB 32-404/25/1996Non-deposit Investment Sales01/07/2004Rescinded by RB 32-34
RB 32-309/25/1995Sampling11/05/2010Rescinded by RB 37-64
RB 32-208/22/1995Examination Strategy; PERK; and Work Paper Documentation03/17/1999Rescinded by RB 32-10 and PERK revisions
RB 32-108/16/1995Independent Audits of Thrift Institutions02/13/2002Rescinded by RB 32-23
RB 3212/29/1994Valuation and Classification of Troubled, Collateral-Dependent Loans12/29/1994Incorporated into Thrift Activities 260
RB 3108/26/1993Classification of Assets01/13/1995Incorporated into Thrift Activities 260
RB 3001/25/1993Guidance on the Use of Salvage Powers to Exceed Loans to One Borrower Limitations01/13/1995Incorporated into Thrift Activities 211
RB 2911/23/1992Conclusive Presumption of Worthlessness of Debts Held by Savings Associations08/26/1993Incorporated into Thrift Activities 260
RB 27b06/13/2001Compensation01/25/2009Rescinded by RB 37-31
RB 27a03/05/1993Executive Compensation04/18/2001Incorporated into Thrift Activities 310
RB 2711/08/1991Executive Compensation01/13/1995Rescinded by RB 27a
RB 2604/26/1991Capital Requirements Recourse Arrangements (Interim)11/29/2001Rescinded by the Interagency Rule on Capital Treatment of Recourse, Direct Credit Substitutes and Residual Interests in Asset Securitizations
RB 2502/18/1990Guidelines for Implementation and Use of the Regulatory Handbook Series01/13/1995Rescinded by current guidance addressed in the Administration chapters of the Thrift Activities and Holding Company Handbooks
RB 2402/08/1990Guidelines for Approval of Higher Loans-to-One-Borrower Limits10/21/1991Incorporated into Thrift Activities 211
RB 2302/01/1990Prohibition on Brokered Deposits Held at Undercapitalized Thrifts10/21/1991Incorporated into Thrift Activities 460 (560 1/1994)
RB 2212/06/1989Transfers of Below Investment/ Noninvestment Grade Corporate Securities in Exchange for Qualified Notes01/13/1995Compliance mandatory by 7/1/1994
RB 2111/28/1989Servicing Contacts01/13/1995Incorporated into Thrift Activities 340
RB 2011/20/1989Proper Investigation of Applicants and Increased Communications Between the OTS and Other Financial Institution Regulatory Agencies06/01/2001Rescinded by RB 20a
RB 1910/13/1989Guidelines for Supervisory Objection to Inclusion of Subordinated Debt as Regulatory Capital04/18/2001Obsolete
RB 18-603/31/2004Supplemental Guidance on the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering Programs11/20/2013Replaced4 by OCC Bulletin 2007-36
RB 18-507/17/1990Enforcement Policy Statement on the Confidentiality of Administrative Proceedings10/21/1991Incorporated into Thrift Activities 150 (370 1/1994)
RB 18-406/13/1990Enforcement Policy Statement on Use of Formal Examination and Investigation Authority04/18/1994Rescinded by RB 18-1b
RB 18-3a07/30/1993Enforcement Policy Statement on Civil Money Penalties12/03/2009Rescinded by RB 18-3b
RB 18-306/13/1990Enforcement Policy Statement on Civil Money Penalties07/30/1993Rescinded by RB 18-3a
RB 18-209/27/1989ERC Policy Statement on Pursuing Administrative Prohibition Actions vs. "Former" S&L Officials04/18/1994Rescinded by RB 18-1b
RB 18-1b04/18/1994General Enforcement Policy06/06/2003Rescinded by RB 32-28
RB 18-1a06/13/1990General Enforcement Policy04/18/1994Rescinded by RB 18-1b
RB 18-109/27/1989General Enforcement Policy06/13/1990Rescinded by RB 18-1a
RB 1809/27/1989Issuance of Enforcement Policies01/06/2012Replaced4 by OCC 2011-37.
RB 1709/14/1989Recent Truth in Lending Amendments and Supplemental Examination Procedures10/21/1991Incorporated into Compliance Activities 305
RB 1609/11/1989Timely and Accurate HMDA Statements04/18/2001Incorporated into Compliance Activities 215
RB 1507/24/1989Covered Asset Sales04/18/2001Incorporated into Thrift Activities 310
RB 1407/19/1989Delegation to Principal Supervisory Agents ("PSA's") to Grant or Withhold Approval of Management Interlocks10/21/1991Rescinded by Delegation Sections 563f.7 and 584.9
RB 1306/27/1989Guidelines for Establishing a Fraud and Insider Abuse Program01/13/1995Incorporated into Thrift Activities 360
RB 1204/28/1989Sale of Branch Offices to FDIC-Insured Institutions10/21/1991No Longer Applicable
RB 1103/06/1989Protest and Oral Argument Procedures12/04/1997Incorporated into Application Processing Guidelines, 12 CFR Part 516
RB 1001/01/1989Exclusion of Holding Company Information from Thrift Reports of Examination01/13/1995Rescinded by ROE Instructions
RB 912/27/1988Purpose and Use of Compliance: A Self-Assessment Guide12/19/2002Rescinded by CEO 171 and the revised Compliance Self-Assessment Guide
RB 812/13/1988Guidelines for Referral of Bank Secrecy Act Violations for Civil or Criminal Penalties01/13/1995Incorporated into Compliance Activities 400
RB 712/13/1988Quarterly Statistical Compliance Report for the Bank Secrecy Act09/30/1996Rescinded by Section 2226 of the Economic Growth and Regulatory Paper Reduction Act
RB 612/12/1988Adequacy of Valuation Allowances05/04/1990Incorporated into Thrift Activities 261
RB 511/30/1988Wavier of Service Corporation Reporting Requirements05/04/1990Pursuant to FIRREA
RB 4a09/20/1993Supervisory Review Process07/15/1996Rescinded by TB 68
RB 411/30/1988Informal Review Process09/20/1993Rescinded by RB 4a
RB 3a-101/09/1990Policy Statement on Growth for Savings Associates11/26/1996Rescinded by RB 3b
RB 3a09/07/1988Policy Statement on Growth for Insured Institutions01/09/1990Rescinded by RB 3a-1
RB 310/11/1985Policy on Growth for Insured Institutions09/07/1988Rescinded by RB 3a
RB 2-111/23/1988Acceptance of Exchange Offer for New FHLMC Preferred Stock10/21/1991Rescinded by Timeframe Elapse
RB 208/18/1988Guidelines for Approving the Purchase or Sale of FHLMC Preferred Stock01/13/1995Rescinded by Applications Restructuring Regulations
RB 1-305/04/1990Rescission of Memoranda and Bulletins10/21/1991Rescinded by RB 1-1a
RB 1-212/06/1989Rescission of Obsolete Savings Account T Memoranda10/21/1991Rescinded by RB 1-1a
RB 1-1c Errata07/02/2001Rescission of Bulletins and Memoranda05/17/2012Outdated1
RB 1-1c04/18/2001Rescission of Bulletins and Memoranda05/17/2012Outdated1
RB 1-1b01/13/1995Rescission of Memoranda and Bulletins04/18/2001Rescinded by RB 1-1c
RB 1-1a10/21/1991Rescission of Memoranda and Bulletins01/13/1995Rescinded by RB 1-1b
RB 1-109/06/1989Rescission of Outstanding Memoranda10/21/1991Rescinded by RB 1-1a
RB 107/29/1988Regulatory Bulletin Series - Introduction to Regulatory Bulletins05/17/2012Outdated1

The reason each document is rescinded is noted as one of the following:

1 Outdated – The document is no longer needed. Any attachments to the document are rescinded only as they relate to national banks and federal savings associations.

2 Duplicative – The document transmitted interagency guidance that was issued jointly with the OCC. The rescission applies to the transmitting document only and not the attached interagency guidance. Thrifts are directed to use the OCC-issued document.

3 Conveyance – The document is a cover letter that merely conveyed another document. The rescission does not change the applicability of the conveyed document. To determine the applicability of the conveyed document, please refer to the original issuer of the document.

4 Replaced – The document and any attachments are superseded by OCC guidance.

* The following Regulatory Bulletins related to savings and loan holding companies (SLHC) were active as of July 21, 2011. The OCC does not supervise SHLCs; please consult the Federal Reserve Board for guidance in this area:

  • RB 35 – Large and Complex Enterprises, and
  • RB 35-01 – Holding Companies Handbook Update.