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Overall Mortgage Performance

The proportion of mortgages in the total portfolio that was current and performing also remained relatively constant during the reporting period at approximately 94 percent.

Delinquencies were concentrated among loans that were 30–59 days delinquent. But as a percentage of the total portfolio, they declined from 2.61 percent in October, to 2.37 percent at the end of March.

Delinquencies of 90 days or more increased from 0.82 percent in October to 0.97 percent in December. They remained just less than 1 percent of the total portfolio for the balance of the reporting period.

Foreclosures in process increased from the October total of 205,248, or 0.90 percent of the total servicing portfolio, to the March total of 283,988, or 1.23 percent.

Total Mortgage Portfolio
(% of all mortgage loans in the portfolio)
Current and performing94.38%94.26%93.82%93.93%94.18%94.19%
30-59 days delinquent2.61%

The following three categories are classified as seriously delinquent.
60-89 days delinquent0.85%0.86%0.91%0.91%0.80%0.79%
90+ days delinquent0.82%0.90%0.97%0.98%0.97%0.98%
Bankruptcy 30+ days delinquent0.44%0.45%0.45%0.44%0.44%0.44%
Foreclosures in Process0.90%0.95%1.03%1.12%1.19%1.23%
Total Mortgage Portfolio
(Actual number of mortgage loans in the portfolio)
Current and performing21,585,33121,689,95421,662,77521,780,77021,763,62621,800,965
30-59 days delinquent596,772595,330652,541607,254557,923548,715
The following three categories are classified as seriously delinquent.
60-89 days delinquent193,533197,037210,886209,873184,888183,195
90+ days delinquent188,356207,107222,907228,310223,994226,500
Bankruptcy 30+ days delinquent100,988102,406102,771102,259101,616101,503
Foreclosures in Process205,248217,905236,748260,219275,668283,988

  Performance Overview  

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