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More resources for national banks

Examination Procedures and Handbooks

The OCC publishes handbooks and examination procedures based on safe and sound banking practices and applicable legislation and implementing rules. National bank examiners refer to these resources, which OCC updates as necessary to reflect changes in the banking environment, amendments to existing regulations and rules, or the enactment of new legislation.

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Asset Securitization (Comptroller’s Handbook, November 1997)
Covers using the securities markets to fund portions of a the loan portfolio to allocate capital more efficiently and better manage risks

Credit Card Lending (Comptroller’s Handbook, March 1998)
Discusses credit card operations of issuing banks and provides examiner guidance

Commercial Real Estate and Construction Lending (Comptroller’s Handbook, March 1998)
Focuses on the analysis of project financing and the legal forms a borrower may take to hold legal title to the real estate

Loan Portfolio Management (Comptroller’s Handbook, April 1998)
Outlines nine elements that underpin a bank’s loan portfolio management process and provides examiner guidance

Merchant Processing (Comptroller’s Handbook, August 2014)
Focuses on credit card payment processing, which is a separate line of business from credit card issuing

Mortgage Banking (Comptroller’s Handbook, February 2014)
Focuses on the analysis of project financing and the legal approaches a borrower may take to hold legal title to the real estate

Retail Lending Procedures (Comptroller’s Handbook, 2004)
Covers minimum and supplemental examination procedures, marketing and product development, underwriting, risk management, and collections

Retail Lending (OCC 2004-59, December 2004, Interim Handbook)
Covers minimum and supplemental procedures for addressing risk management and control functions for complex retail credit portfolios

Sampling Methodologies (Comptroller’s Handbook, August 1998)
Covers the benefits and methods involved in sampling random subsets when examining various areas of bank operations


Fair Credit Reporting (Attachment to OCC 2008-28, October 2008)
Covers consumer reporting, information sharing among affiliates, identity theft protections, and examination procedures

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 (OCC 2011-15, May 2011) The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act revised the Tenants Protection Act by adding a definition for the date of a notice of foreclosure.

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