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Corporate Activities


The OCC publishes a Weekly Bulletin containing certain national bank and Federal savings association applications and notices. It is a record of receipt and actions taken by the Comptroller of the Currency on applications and notices filed by national banks for new banks, new branches, mergers, conversions, fiduciary powers, subsidiaries, relocation of main offices and branches, changes in corporate title, branch closings, changes in bank control, terminations, and federal branches and agencies. It also includes merger applications filed by Federal savings associations after January 1, 2014.  The Weekly Bulletin indicates the public comment period end date for filings requiring public notice.

You can access individual Weekly Bulletins by date or use the Corporate Applications Search to search for a national bank’s application or notice by bank name, charter number, OCC control number, application type, or OCC action.

The FSA Bulletin is a record of applications received and actions taken by the Comptroller of the Currency for Federal savings associations. The FSA Bulletin is updated daily. Information in the FSA Bulletin can be sorted by a number of data fields including applicant name, OCC control number, or application type. See the FSA Bulletin Guide for additional information.

OTS application decision letters for calendar years 2010 and 2011 and copies of OTS Director’s Orders for calendar years 1995 through 2011 are available in the Archives.

Public Comments on Applications

Written comments on an application should be submitted to the Licensing Office where the bank filed the original application. A complete list of district contact information and a district map is available at Application Contacts. For more information, refer to the "Public Comment" section in the Public Notice and Comments (PDF) booklet in the Comptroller's Licensing Manual.

To view the public portion of a national bank or Federal savings association merger application, visit the FOIA Reading Room and search Merger Application.

In general, public comments received on an application or notice, are available for viewing at Public Comments on Applications.  The comments are published without redaction of personally identifiable information including any business or personal information such as name and address, e-mail addresses, or telephone numbers.  Comments received, including attachments and other supporting materials, are part of the public record and subject to public disclosure.

Application Contacts

Inquiries related to filing corporate applications and notices involving most national banks or Federal savings associations, except certain "Large Banks" and foreign banks, should be directed to the Licensing Office where the bank or savings association is headquartered.

Inquiries related to filing corporate applications and notices involving selected national banks in the Large Bank Program should be directed to Large Bank Licensing in Washington, DC at (202) 649-6260.

Inquiries regarding Federal branches and agencies of foreign banks should be directed to the Northeastern District Licensing Office.

Much of the information contained in a corporate application is available to the public. Copies of the non-confidential portions of these applications and information about where they can be viewed are available by contacting the District Licensing Office where the application was filed.

Copies of older corporate applications may be obtained by contacting the OCC's Communications Division at or by making a request through the agency's FOIA site on

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