Michael Sullivan

Senior Deputy Comptroller for Economics

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan is the Senior Deputy Comptroller for Economics at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

In this role, Mr. Sullivan oversees the OCC's Economics Department, which includes economic and policy analysis and risk analysis. The Economics Department provides support to bank supervision, conducts analysis and research, and provides regular reports to OCC executives and personnel.

As Senior Deputy Comptroller for Economics, Mr. Sullivan is a member of the agency's Executive Committee. He took on this role in June 2017.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Sullivan served as Deputy Comptroller for Risk Analysis. In that role, he oversaw the three Risk Analysis divisions that provide expertise for the agency on modeling of credit risk, market risk, and enterprise-wide risk. He also served as a key advisor and technical expert for the OCC Economics Department and to the OCC on practical and policy issues related to the use of quantitative models by banks and the oversight of banks' risk models by supervisors.

Mr. Sullivan joined the OCC in 1999 as a Financial Economist. He was appointed Deputy Director for Market Risk Modeling in 2004 and Director of the Market Risk Analysis Division in 2008. Before joining the OCC he was an assistant professor at Florida International University in Miami where he taught classes on international finance and risk management. He has published scholarly research on computational finance in several leading journals.

Mr. Sullivan earned a bachelor's degree in economics from Stanford University and a doctorate in economics from Yale University.

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