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Comptroller’s Corner:  My Meetings with Field Staff


On April 11, I met with employees at our Boston, Mass., and Providence, R.I., offices. And on April 24, I was in San Francisco to talk to employees that work out of that office. From there I move on to Stamford, Chicago, Minneapolis, Charlotte, Mt. Laurel, New York, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, before meeting back here in Washington, D.C. with supervisory staff assigned to E*Trade Bank and Capital One.

Comptroller's Corner

I’m doing this for several reasons.

There is a lot of activity at this time in LBS and Midsize; most notably, the Large and Midsize Bank Supervision Peer Review project. I want to talk about this important effort with employees and give them the opportunity to ask questions and share their suggestions and concerns with me. These meetings also support our Engaging initiative and efforts to enhance communication between senior leadership and employees. Through the engagement survey, you told us that senior leadership could do a better job at explaining the reasons behind decisions and communicating on matters that affect employees. I feel that meeting with OCC colleagues face-to-face will aid our efforts to improve in this area. Finally, I truly enjoy meeting with employees and talking to them about our important mission. I can think of no better way to do this than to meet in person where the important work of supervision occurs.

I look forward to these meetings and I hope to see you soon.

As always, if you have any questions for me or want to share a concern or suggestion, please send it to the Ask the Comptroller mailbox at

Last Updated: 08/23/2016