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Length of Service:  February 2014


40 Years

Queen McCauley

35 Years

Willie E. Evans
Roy A. George
Karen J. Taggart

30 Years

Thomas Brian Smith
Patrick J. Wheat

25 Years

Denise H. Bannister
Rafael E. DeLeon
Anil Kumar Gola
Keith L. Humphreys
Michael T. McDonald
Roberta L. Ouimette
Christina Nadia Trojan-Masnyk
Louis Howard Turner
Henry L. Womack

20 Years

Dixie R. Claybrook
Donna G. Hershenhouse
Mark A. Monette
Loretta L. Richardson
Shandell G. Shields
James Weinberger

15 Years

Patsy C. Barber
Marie A. McBeth
Katie Ann Reese

10 Years

Ricardo M. Cabarrouy
Brian T. Carcot
Margaret Althea Stewart
Ralph A. Terminello

5 Years

Timon L. Anderson
Armenthal L. Armelin
William Robert Byers
Justin P. Cole
Bhavna B. Dave
Stephan P. Fagan
Camie Nicole Galindo
Reynols Garcia
Brian A. Ghaemmaghami
C. Nadean Hull
Christina D. Landles-Cobb
William A. Luke
Dahlia K. McFarland
Kyle Shear McKercher
Jaime L. Mims
Kyle C. Moses
Elena Olivera
Kathryn A. Perilloux
Kirstin Marie Schloss
Brett T. Scholfield
Sarah A. Smrdel
Gregory E. Wieczorek
Elwyn P. Wong
Devon M. Wright

Last Updated: 06/26/2014