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Top Story:  Congratulations to the 2013 OCC Honorary Award Recipients


On May 7, Comptroller Thomas J. Curry announced the OCC 2013 Honorary Award recipients. This year’s Honorary Awards included two new categories. The Employee Achievement Through Adversity Award recognizes employees who have made outstanding contributions to the OCC while exhibiting courage and initiative in overcoming personal challenges in their lives. The Customer Service Award recognizes nonexaminer employees who contribute to the overall mission and success of the OCC by providing exceptional customer service support to bank supervision activities or customer service support in functional areas to OCC management and employees. This year, OCC employees also had the opportunity to nominate their colleagues for the 2013 Honorary Awards. In addition, the name of the Support Staff Award is now the Administrative Professionals Award.

Comptroller’s Award

Christina Benson, ADC for Bank Supervision Policy

Roy Madsen, Director for Performance Improvement

Bert Otto, Deputy Comptroller for the Central District

Managerial Excellence Award

Brian James, ADC, Milwaukee

Workplace Fairness and Diversity Award

Linda Nichols, ADC, Washington, D.C.

Teresa Ozono, Administrative Assistant

Neil Robinson, Special Counsel

Shared Purpose Award

The Capital Policy Division and Legal & Regulatory Activities (LRA) team, through a combined effort, successfully delivered fundamental revisions to U.S. capital standards in the form of the Basel III final rulemaking. Members of the team are:

Capital Policy
Nicole Billick, Bank Examiner
David Elkes, Bank Examiner
Christine Smith, Bank Examiner
Benjamin Pegg, Bank Examiner
Margot Schwadron, Bank Examiner
Mark Ginsberg, NBE
Amrit Sekhon, Director for Capital Policy
Roger Tufts, Senior Economic Advisor

Henry Barkhausen, Attorney
Jean Campbell, Senior Attorney
Carl Kaminski, Counsel
Kevin Korzeniewski, Attorney
Ron Shimabukuro, Senior Counsel

The Public Affairs and Information Technology Services (ITS) team successfully collaborated in support of the Connecting and Messaging strategic initiatives to increase the accessibility of OCC information to the public on mobile devices. Members of the team are:

Public Affairs
Emily Abramsky, Lead IT Specialist/Web Developer
Matt Dodge, Web Information System Specialist
Dana Hallman, Web and Electronic Publishing Manager
Nikkie Kayode, IT Specialist/Quality Assurance
Andrew Nguyen, IT Specialist/Web Developer
Christina Rasche, Project Management Analyst
Margaret Stewart, Web Content Specialist

William George, IT Specialist
Heitham Ghariani, IT Specialist
Janine Harig, IT Specialist
Scott Wathne, IT Specialist
Anil Gola, Supervisory IT Specialist
Matthew Schuster, Senior IT Specialist

The cross-functional team from Large Bank Supervision (LBS), Midsize and Community Bank Supervision (MCBS), the Chief National Bank Examiner’s Office (CNBE), and the Chief Counsel’s Office (CCO) worked collaboratively to publish the “Heightened Expectations” guidance. Members of the team are:

Allison Heinsohn, NBE
Debra Peery, NBE
Mark Richardson, Examiner-in-Charge
Molly Scherf, Deputy Comptroller for Large Banks

Bill Haas, Deputy Comptroller for MBS
Carter Messick, NBE

Martin Chavez, Attorney
Stuart Feldstein, Director for Legislative and Regulatory Activities
Andra Shuster, Senior Counsel

John Eckert, Director for Operational Risk and Core Policy
Sonja White, Operational Risk Policy Analyst

The cross-functional team, from Economics, LBS, MCBS, CNBE, and CCO successfully collaborated to implement Stress Testing requirements for the Dodd–Frank Act. Members of the team are:

Mike Carhill, Director for Enterprise Risk Analysis
Paul Moloney, Senior Financial Analyst
Mark Pocock, Financial Economist
Bob Scavotto, Deputy Director for International Analysis and Banking Condition
Akhtar Siddique, Deputy Director for the Enterprise Risk Analysis Division
Xiaolong Yang, Director for Market Risk Analysis
Bill Russell, NBE (LBS)
Kari Falkenborg, NBE (MCBS)
Harry Glenos, Bank Examiner (CNBE)
Henry Barkhausen, Attorney (CCO)
Ron Shimabukuro, Senior Counsel(CCO)


Employee Achievement Through Adversity

Rick Caudle, NBE, Des Moines

Earl Jordan, Office Automation Assistant, Central District

Bill Williams, Bank Examiner/Federal Thrift Regulator, Dallas

Shenita Wilson-Jefferies, Secretary to the Southern District Deputy Comptroller

Technology Innovation Award

Madelyn Orr, Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Specialist

Rhonda Trent, Business Procurement Analyst

Darina Sherwood, Financial Systems Data Analyst

Leadership Award

John Ely, N B E, Longview

Jay Gallagher, NBE, Large Bank Supervision

Willie Jones, Accounting Technician

Larry Keen, Special Counsel

Krista LaBelle, Special Counsel

Kelly Maher, NBE, Charlotte

Phillip (Rocky) Molina, Bank Examiner, Large Bank Supervision

Yoo Jin Na, Senior Licensing Analyst

Jolene Schack, NBE, Omaha

Justin Solobay, Emergency Management Specialist

Bank Supervision Award

Lori DeLola, NBE, Syracuse

Craig Demaret, NBE, Large Bank Supervision

Brian Eagan, NBE, Los Angeles

Len Farrell, Examiner-in-Charge, Midsize Bank Supervision

Beverly Hearns, NBE, Birmingham

Paula Johnson, Bank Examiner

Christie Loizos, Bank Examiner

Chris Torraca, NBE, Large Bank Supervision

Dave Toxie, NBE, Midsize Bank Supervision

Customer Service Award

Darryle Brown, Contract Specialist

Caroline Cooper, Budget Analyst

Louis Gittleman, Senior Licensing Analyst

Alice Jones, Quality Control Analyst

Eugene Leung, Information Technology Specialist

Antonio Vargas, Information Technology Specialist

Laura McAuliffe, Senior Advisor - OIG/GAO Liaison

Helen McGovern, Secretary to the District Deputy Comptroller

Lori Senft, Human Resources Specialist

Natalie Bajalcaliev White, Senior Attorney

Administrative Professionals Award

Tammy Evans, Administrative Assistant, Louisville

Gracie Gonzales, Administrative Assistant, San Antonio

Marie Hart, Administrative Assistant, Roanoke

Delores Jones, Management Services Coordinator

Dolores Rivera Navarro, Administrative Assistant, Los Angeles

Sandra Parker, Administrative Assistant, Large Bank Supervision

Last Updated: 08/23/2016