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OCC Congressional Luncheon

Thank you for participating in OCC’s Congressional Luncheon on March 17, 2023. We hope you find today’s event informative. A copy of our agenda is linked below. In addition, you can access today’s presentations and other materials of interest.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or if we can be helpful, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Congressional Relations team:

  • Carrie Moore, Director, Public Affairs and Congressional Relations
    202-649-6737 (o) | 202-489-7538 (c)
  • Patti Spellacy, Manager, Congressional Relations
    202-649-6742 (o) | 202-903-5790 (c)
  • Jasmin Aleman, Congressional Relations Specialist
    202-649-8987 (o) | 202-253-9955 (c)
  • Will Williams, Congressional Relations Specialist
    202-649-6942 (o) | 202-860-8341 (c)

If your constituents have an issue with an OCC supervised bank, please visit

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