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Rescinded Banking Bulletins

BB 1993-6212/27/1993CDC and CD Project Investments - Final RuleRegulation revised in 1996
BB 1993-6112/22/1993Interim Capital Treatment for FAS 115In OCC 1994-68
BB 1993-6012/21/1993Interagency Policy Statement on the Allowance for Loan and Lease LossesIncorporated3 into Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses Handbook
BB 1993-5912/20/1993Truth in Savings -- Proposed RuleOutdated1
BB 1993-5812/17/1993Contracting Outreach Program -- Proposed RuleComments Transmitted
BB 1993-5712/01/1993Notice of OCC Fees for 1994Outdated1
BB 1993-5612/01/1993Safety and Soundness Standards - Proposed RuleIncorporated3 into 12 CFR 80
BB 1993-5511/09/1993Appraisal Regulation-Notice of Supplement InformationIn Final Rule
BB 1993-5310/28/1993Bank Secrecy Act - Policy Change and ClarificationIncorporated3 into Bank Secrecy Act Handbook
BB 1993-5209/24/1993Interest Rate Risk - Notice of Proposed Rule MakingIn Interest Rate Risk Handbook
BB 1993-5109/03/1993Other Real Estate Owned - Final RuleIn Regulation
BB 1993-4908/31/1993Depository Institutions Disaster ReliefOutdated1
BB 1993-4708/27/1993Deposit Insurance Transactions - Final RuleOutdated1
BB 1993-4508/11/1993FDICIA 112 - Audits, Reporting, and Audit CommitteesIncorporated3 into Internal and External Audits Handbook
BB 1993-4408/11/1993RESPA - Public Comment and Informal Public HearingOutdated1
BB 1993-4307/21/1993Working with Borrowers Affected by Recent FloodedOutdated1
BB 1993-4207/16/1993Accounting for Dispositions of Other Real Estate OwnedReplaced2 by FFIEC Call Report Instructions
BB 1993-4107/16/1993Proposed CDC and CD Project Investments RuleRegulation published
BB 1993-4007/02/1993Exam Procedures for Regulation DD - Truth in Savings 12CFR230Incorporated3 into Depository Services Handbook
BB 1993-3907/02/1993A Guide to HMDA Reporting: Getting it Right!Incorporated3 into OCC 98-19
BB 1993-3706/18/1993Interagency Guidance - In-Substance Foreclosures, NonaccrualIncorporated3 into Real Estate and Construction Lending Handbook
BB 1993-3606/17/1993Interagency Statement on Commercial Real EstateIncorporated3 into Real Estate & Construction Lending Handbook
BB 1993-3406/10/1993FFIEC Risk Management Planning SeminarOutdated1
BB 1993-3306/10/1993Department of Treasury Form PD F 1832Outdated1
BB 1993-3206/04/1993Appraisal Regulation - Notice of Proposed Rule MakingRule adopted
BB 1993-3106/04/1993OCC APY Microcomputer ProgramIncorporated3 into Depository Services Handbook
BB 1993-2905/28/1993Changes to 12 CFR 31Outdated1
BB 1993-2805/28/1993FIRREA Section 914 - Final RuleRegulation issued
BB 1993-2705/26/1993Fair Housing Home Loan Date System - Proposed RuleIncorporated3 into Fair Lending Handbook
BB 1993-2605/26/1993RESPA - Proposed RuleRegulation issued
BB 1993-2505/12/1993Regulation Z - Official Staff Commentary UpdateChanges in Published Comments
BB 1993-2405/05/1993OREO -- Notice of Proposed Rule MakingRule Adopted
BB 1993-2204/20/1993Banking IssuancesReplaced2 by OCC 1994-11
BB 1993-2104/15/1993RESPA - Subordinate LiensRegulation issued
BB 1993-2004/06/1993Regulation DD (Truth in Savings) - Amendments to final RuleRegulation issued
BB 1993-1904/06/1993Housing Counseling ProgramOutdated1
BB 1993-1703/03/1993Risk-Based Capital Model for BankersOutdated1
BB 1993-1603/29/1993Intangible Assets - Final Capital Rule, Call Report ChangesOutdated1
BB 1993-15 S203/29/1993Proposed Capital Limit - Deferred Tax AssetsReplaced2 by OCC 95-10
BB 1993-15 S109/30/1993Proposed Capital Limit - Deferred Tax AssetsReplaced2 by OCC 95-10
BB 1993-1503/29/1993Deferred TaxesReplaced2 by OCC 95-10
BB 1993-1403/25/1993Home Mortgage Disclosure Act - Final RuleIn Law Manual
BB 1993-1303/11/1993Disclosure of Federally Guaranteed Nonaccrual Loans and LeasesReplaced2 by FFIEC Call Report Instructions
BB 1993-1103/05/1993Interagency Questions and Answers on CRAReplaced2 by 10/1997 Q&A's
BB 1993-1003/05/1993Home Ownership CounselingOutdated1
BB 1993-902/19/1993RESPA Interpretive RuleRegulation Published
BB 1993-802/19/1993HMDA MSA Designations for 1993 DataOutdated1
BB 1993-702/17/1993Change to Regulation OOutdated1
BB 1993-602/03/1993Interpretive Rule 7.7490 (Revision-Final Rule)Part 7 Revised
BB 1993-501/28/1993Community Reinvestment Act AmendmentIn CRA Handbook
BB 1993-401/15/1993Rule of 78sIn Law Manual
BB 1993-301/12/1993Interbank LiabilitiesTransmittal4 - See Comptroller's Handbook – Liquidity
BB 1993-201/12/1993Deferred Tax AssetsOutdated1
BB 1992-7507/01/1996Real Estate Lending Standards (12 CFR 34)Final rule was published
BB 1992-7412/30/1992Bank Secrecy Act - New Administrative RulesIncorporated3 into Bank Secrecy Act Handbook
BB 1992-7312/30/1992Mergers, Consolidations (12 CFR 5.33) - Interim RulePart 5 revised
BB 1992-7212/23/1992HMDA - Final Regulatory AmendmentsIn Law Manual
BB 1992-7112/22/1992FDICIA 205 - Reporting of Stock LoansIncluded In 12 CFR 5.50
BB 1992-7012/21/1992Semiannual Agenda of Regulatory ActionsOutdated1
BB 1992-6912/17/1992Depository Institutions Disaster Relief Act of 1992Transmittal4
BB 1992-6812/01/1992Notice of Comptroller of the Currency Fees for 1993Outdated1
BB 1992-6712/01/1992RESPA - Final RuleRegulation published
BB 1992-6611/25/1992Securities Offering Disclosure RulesRegulation published
BB 1992-6511/23/1992RESPA - AmendmentsRegulation published
BB 1992-6311/09/1992Applicability of ATRRs to Debt-for-Equity/Debt ExchangesIncorporated3 into the Guide to the ICERC Process
BB 1992-5910/14/1992Regulation Q, Interest on Demand Deposits - Final RuleRegulation issued
BB 1992-5710/14/1992IRS Express Determination LettersReplaced2 by Comptroller's Handbook - Loan Portfolio Management
BB 1992-5610/14/1992Regulation DD, Truth in Savings - Final RuleReplaced2 by official staff commentary
BB 1992-5510/13/1992Regulation D, Reserve Requirements - Final RuleIn Regulation
BB 1992-5410/13/1992Disclosure of Mortgage Broker Fees Under RESPAIncorporated3 into Real Estate Settlement Procedures Handbook
BB 1992-5310/02/1992Risk Based Capital Technical Amendments - Final RuleIncorporated3 into Part 3
BB 1992-5210/01/1992Prompt Corrective Action - Final RuleRegulation issued
BB 1992-5109/29/1992Risk-Based Capital - Multi-Family Housing LoansIncorporated3 into Part 3
BB 1992-4809/03/1992Regulation CC (Expedited Funds Availability) - Final RuleIn Law Manual
BB 1992-4608/17/1992Amendments to 12 CFR 4Regulation revised
BB 1992-4308/10/1992Community Reinvestment ActIncorporated3 into Community Reinvestment Act Handbook
BB 1992-3507/07/1992International Banking - Basel Proposal on Minimum SupervisoryOutdated1
BB 1992-3306/12/1992Compliance with Consumer Laws, Regs (FDICIA Amendments)Regulation Amended
BB 1992-3106/08/1992Freeze on Yugoslav AssetsOutdated1
BB 1992-2906/04/1992Changes to Regulation 0 - Loans to InsidersOutdated1
BB 1992-2805/29/1992Revision of Assessment ScheduleOutdated1
BB 1992-2505/13/1992Working With Borrowers in Communities Under StressOutdated1
BB 1992-2405/08/1992Merchant ProcessingReplaced2 by Comptroller's Handbook - Merchant Processing
BB 1992-2004/23/1992Real Estate Appraisal - Final RuleIncorporated3 into Regulation
BB 1992-1904/17/1992Risk Based Capital - Proposed RuleRegulation issued
BB 1992-1703/31/1992Guide to Fair Mortgage LendingOutdated1
BB 1992-1503/18/1992RESPA - Revised Examination ProceduresIncorporated3 into Handbook
BB 1992-802/12/1992New SEC Transfer Agent RulesOutdated1
BB 1992-502/12/1992Equal Credit Opportunity ActRegulation published
BB 1991-4712/03/1991Leasing RegulationRegulation published
BB 1991-4611/03/1991Home Mortgage Disclosure Act - Final RuleIncorporated3 into Law Manual
BB 1991-4411/13/1991Community Reinvestment Act - Final RuleIncorporated3 into Law Manual
BB 1991-3809/17/1991Modified Verification ProceduresIncorporated3 into Bank Secrecy Act Handbook
BB 1991-2908/08/1991Bank Lending Limit Loan Commitments - Final RuleRegulation Amended
BB 1991-2405/29/1991RESPA - Section 6 AmendmentsRegulation Published
BB 1991-1905/20/1991Nonaccrual Loan IssuesOutdated1
BB 1991-1304/12/1991RESPA Amendments to the RegulationRegulation Published
BB 1991-602/04/1991Real Estate Appraisal - Distribution of Excerpts From USPAPReplaced2 by OCC 1994-37
BB 1990-4003/03/1990Revision of Assessment Schedule and New FeesOutdated1
BB 1990-2607/13/1990Lending Limit - 12 CFR 31 and 215 (Regulation O)Outdated1
BB 1988-1806/29/1988Home Equity Lines of CreditIncorporated3 in Real Estate section of Examination Handbook

The reason each document is rescinded is noted as one of the following:

1 Outdated - The document is no longer needed. Any attachments to the document are rescinded only as they relate to national banks and FSAs.

2 Replaced - The document and any attachments are superseded by subsequent guidance.

3 Incorporated - The document conveyed interagency guidance that was incorporated into a Comptroller's Handbook booklet.

4 Transmittal - The document is a cover letter that merely conveyed another document. The rescission does not change the applicability of the conveyed document. To determine the applicability of the conveyed document, please refer to the original issuer of the document.