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1998 News Releases

12/30/1998  NR 1998-128,OCC Listed as One of America's Greatest Places for Lawyers to Work
12/29/1998  NR 1998-127,Joint Release
12/23/1998  NR 1998-126,Deborah Kligman and Steven Phillips Named to Head OCC Economic Units
12/18/1998  NR 1998-125,Derivatives Volume at Banks Rises in 3rd Quarter To Record $32.6 Trillion; Trading Revenues Decline
12/17/1998  NR 1998-124,OCC Announces Six New Enforcement Actions
12/07/1998  NR 1998-123,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 43 National Banks
12/08/1998  NR 1998-122,OCC Provides Banks with Year 2000 Assessment Materials
12/08/1998  NR 1998-121,Acting Comptroller Julie Williams Welcomes John D. Hawke, Jr. As New Comptroller of the Currency
12/07/1998  NR 1998-120,OCC Proposes 'Know Your Customer' Rule Aimed at Curbing Money Laundering
12/01/1998  NR 1998-119,OCC Agreement with Oklahoma Insurance Department will Benefit Consumers
11/30/1998  NR 1998-118,OCC Issues First Quarter 1999 CRA Examination Schedule
11/27/1998  NR 1998-117,OCC Announces Four New Enforcement Actions And Two Terminations
11/24/1998  NR 1998-116,Joint Press Release
11/18/1998  NR 1998-115,Acting Comptroller Urges Banks to Excel at Customer Service; Stresses Importance to the Future of the Banking Business
11/18/1998  NR 1998-114,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 55 National Banks
11/04/1998  NR 1998-113,Regulators Seek OMB's Approval of Common Form for Merger Applications
11/02/1998  NR 1998-112,OCC Announces Seven New Enforcement Actions
10/28/1998  NR 1998-111,Basle Committee Issues Interpretation On Tier 1 Eligibility
10/28/1998  NR 1998-110,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 57 National Banks
10/26/1998  NR 1998-109,Acting Comptroller Urges Banks to Act on Privacy Issues
10/22/1998  NR 1998-108,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected By Flooding in Texas
10/21/1998  NR 1998-107,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 57 National Banks
10/21/1998  NR 1998-106,OCC Advises Banks of Basle Committee's Request for Comment
10/20/1998  NR 1998-105,OCC Advises National Banks to Strengthen CRA Data Collection Process
10/16/1998  NR 1998-104,Acting Comptroller Warns Against Lowering Guard Against Bad Loans
10/05/1998  NR 1998-103,Acting Comptroller Discusses Questions Raised by "Mega-Mergers" in Remarks before the Wallenberg Bankers Forum
10/01/1998  NR 1998-102,Statement of Julie L. Williams Acting Comptroller of the Currency before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services U.S. House of Representatives
09/30/1998  NR 1998-101,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected By Hurricane in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida
09/28/1998  NR 1998-100,OCC Announces 12 New Enforcement Actions
09/28/1998  NR 1998-99,Acting Comptroller Julie L. Williams Urges Vigilance in Managing Consumer Lending
09/23/1998  NR 1998-98,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 44 National Banks
09/18/1998  NR 1998-97,Acting Comptroller Williams Provides Details of Deteriorating Bank Credit Practices
09/17/1998  NR 1998-96,Acting Comptroller Cites Testing as Critical Phase in Year 2000 Preparation
09/17/1998  NR 1998-95,Fact Sheet: Fourth Annual OCC Underwriting Survey
09/16/1998  NR 1998-94,Notional Amount of Derivatives Increased to Record $28 Trillion In 2nd Quarter, OCC Reports
09/04/1998  NR 1998-93,Kathryn Dick Named OCC's Director of Treasury and Market Risk
09/03/1998  NR 1998-92,OCC Streamlines Community Bank Exams
09/03/1998  NR 1998-91,OCC Announces 11 New Enforcement Actions
08/31/1998  NR 1998-90,OCC Issues Fourth Quarter 1998 CRA Examination Schedule
08/28/1998  NR 1998-89,Clifford Wilke Named Director of Bank Technology
08/26/1998  NR 1998-88,OCC Issues Guidance for Sound Management of PC Banking Risks
08/25/1998  NR 1998-87,New OCC Handbook Will Help Bankers Achieve Effective Internal Controls
08/20/1998  NR 1998-86,OCC Warns Banks About "Pretext Calling" by Information Brokers
08/13/1998  NR 1998-85,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 61 National Banks
08/06/1998  NR 1998-84,Banker Who Originated 24 Fictitious Loans Ordered by OCC to pay $838,670
08/06/1998  NR 1998-83,Banking Economics Condition Press Briefing Will Be August 11
08/06/1998  NR 1998-82,Remarks by Julie L. Williams Acting Comptroller of the Currency, before the Interagency Conference "Building Economic Self-Determination In Indian Communities" Washington, DC
08/05/1998  NR 1998-81,OCC Publishes Guide to Tribal Ownership of a National Bank
08/04/1998  NR 1998-80,OCC Alerts National Banks to New Obligations Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act on Customer Information
07/31/1998  NR 1998-79,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected By Droughts in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida
07/28/1998  NR 1998-78,Acting Comptroller Urges Concerted Response on Privacy Issues From Congress, Regulatory Agencies and the Financial Services Industry
07/24/1998  NR 1998-77,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected By Drought in Texas
07/24/1998  NR 1998-76,OCC Expresses Concerns About Changing Derivatives Activity Regulatory Structure
07/22/1998  NR 1998-75,OCC's New Large Bank Supervision Handbook Will Guide Exams of Institutions Resulting From Mega-Mergers
07/22/1998  NR 1998-74,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 62 National Banks
07/20/1998  NR 1998-73,OCC Announces Two New Enforcement Actions
07/16/1998  NR 1998-72,OCC Advises Industry to Explore Creative Approaches to Meeting Minority Small Businesses' Banking Needs
07/16/1998  NR 1998-71,Acting Comptroller Williams Supports Allowing Payment of Interest on Business Checking Accounts
07/13/1998  NR 1998-70,Acting Comptroller of the Currency Warns of Continued Slide in Bank Lending Practices
07/10/1998  NR 1998-69,Remarks by Julie L. Williams Acting Comptroller of the Currency before The National Black Chamber of Commerce Baltimore, Maryland
07/02/1998  NR 1998-68,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected by Disaster Conditions in Vermont and Ohio
07/02/1998  NR 1998-67,Acting Comptroller Establishes Position of Deputy Comptroller for Community Affairs
06/30/1998  NR 1998-66,OCC Names New Deputy Comptroller for Public Affairs
06/26/1998  NR 1998-65,OCC Announces Two New Enforcement Actions And Two Terminations
06/25/1998  NR 1998-64,Acting Comptroller Urges Major Overhaul of H.R. 10
06/23/1998  NR 1998-63,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 75 National Banks
06/19/1998  NR 1998-62,OCC Names Deputy Comptroller for Compliance Operations
06/17/1998  NR 1998-61,Acting Comptroller Cites Slippage in Internal Controls; OCC to "Drill Down" to Test Adequacy of Bank Systems
06/15/1998  NR 1998-60,Derivatives Volume Grows and Trading Revenue Rebounds to Record $2.7 Billion in 1st Quarter, OCC Reports
06/12/1998  NR 1998-59,Acting Comptroller Announces Consumer Privacy Initiatives
06/08/1998  NR 1998-58,Acting Comptroller Urges Close Look at Financial Modernization Bill
06/03/1998  NR 1998-57,Acting Comptroller Praises Progress in Community Development Lending, But Warns that the Financial Services Legislation Threatens Further CRA Gains
06/02/1998  NR 1998-56,Acting Comptroller Williams Advises National Banks on Year 2000 Issues
06/02/1998  NR 1998-55,New Comptroller's Handbook Published
05/29/1998  NR 1998-54,OCC Issues Third Quarter 1998 CRA Examination Schedule
05/26/1998  NR 1998-53,OCC Announces Three New Enforcement Actions and One Terminations
05/26/1998  NR 1998-52,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 86 National Banks
05/14/1998  NR 1998-51,Harriet Antiporowich Named Director for Network Services
05/08/1998  NR 1998-50,Acting Comptroller Julie L. Williams Urges Industry Leadership on Consumer Privacy
05/04/1998  NR 1998-49,OCC Assesses Penalty Against NationsBank, Praises Inter-Agency Cooperation
05/01/1998  NR 1998-48,OCC Economics Unit Will focus on Fair Lending Exams
04/30/1998  NR 1998-47,Consumer Electronic Payments Task Force Issues Report Encouraging Self-Regulatory Initiatives and Consumer Education
04/29/1998  NR 1998-46,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 71 National Banks
04/29/1998  NR 1998-45,Acting Comptroller Williams Addresses Bank Merger Issues in House
04/28/1998  NR 1998-44,Acting Comptroller Williams Addresses Issues Raised in Recent Merger Proposals
04/27/1998  NR 1998-43,Revised List of Enforcement Actions
04/27/1998  NR 1998-42,OCC Announces 17 New Enforcement Actions and Three Terminations
04/21/1998  NR 1998-41,OCC Assesses $438,000 in Money Penalties Against Argentine Group That Illegally Tried to Control Maryland Bank
04/16/1998  NR 1998-40,Statement of Cooperation that will facilitate the supervision of financial institutions operating in each other's country
04/15/1998  NR 1998-39,Acting Comptroller Julie L. Williams Names Mike Brosnan OCC Deputy Comptroller for Risk Evaluation
04/09/1998  NR 1998-38,OCC Highlights Two Basle Committee Actions
04/06/1998  NR 1998-37,Julie L. Williams Becomes Acting Comptroller of the Currency
04/01/1998  NR 1998-36,OCC Releases Final Rule Clarifying Lending Limits
03/31/1998  NR 1998-35,OCC Issues Loan Portfolio Management Guidance
03/26/1998  NR 1998-34,U.S. Appeals Upholds OCC Ruling Assessing $250,000 Penalty
03/24/1998  NR 1998-33,Comptroller Voices Concern over Lending Study
03/19/1998  NR 1998-32,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 60 National Banks
03/18/1998  NR 1998-31,Trading Revenue Down Sharply In 4th Quarter
03/17/1998  NR 1998-30,OCC Announces 14 New Enforcement Actions and 6 Terminations
03/16/1998  NR 1998-29,4th Quarter Derivatives Trading Report Will Be Released by Comptroller of the Currency on March 18
03/13/1998  NR 1998-28,Comptroller Commends Federal Reserve for Seeking Comment On Whether to Permit Voluntary Collection of Race and Gender Data
03/10/1998  NR 1998-27,Summary of Statement of Eugene A. Ludwig Comptroller of the Currency
03/06/1998  NR 1998-26,OCC Announces Additions to 2nd Quarter 1998 CRA Examination Schedule
03/05/1998  NR 1998-25,OCC Will Join Fed at Public Meeting on First Union/Corestates Proposal
03/05/1998  NR 1998-24,William Finister Named Deputy Comptroller for Resource Management
03/04/1998  NR 1998-23,Remarks by Eugene A. Ludwig, Comptroller of the Currency before the Independent Bankers Association of America Honolulu, Hawaii
03/03/1998  NR 1998-22,OCC Announces 13 New Enforcement Actions and One Termination
03/02/1998  NR 1998-21,Remarks by Eugene A. Ludwig, Comptroller of the Currency before the Institute of International Bankers Washington, D.C.
02/20/1998  NR 1998-20,OCC Issues Second Quarter 1998 CRA Examination Schedule
02/19/1998  NR 1998-19,Steven Yohai Appointed To Manage OCC's Information and Communications Technology Systems
02/18/1998  NR 1998-18,Comptroller Warns on Industry Lending Practices
02/17/1998  NR 1998-17,Edward J. Hanley Named Senior Deputy Comptroller for Administration
02/13/1998  NR 1998-16,OCC Release CRA Evaluations For 54 National Banks
02/10/1998  NR 1998-15,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected by the Recent Storms in New England and Northern New York
02/05/1998  NR 1998-14,Remarks by Eugene A. Ludwig, Comptroller of the Currency before the Small Business Banking Issues Forum Washington, DC
02/04/1998  NR 1998-13,OCC Warns Banks On Technology Risks
01/30/1998  NR 1998-12,Comptroller of the Currency Eugene A. Ludwig asked bank, thrift and credit union regulators January 26 to consider whether the interagency guidelines on nondeposit investment products should be converted into regulations
01/29/1998  NR 1998-11,The Implications of Financial Modernization for Community Development Remarks by Julie Williams, Chief Counsel Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Before the Third National CDFI Institute Washington, DC
01/29/1998  NR 1998-10,The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) announced it will convene a forum to discuss major issues affecting small business lending and investing
01/26/1998  NR 1998-9,OCC Release CRA Evaluations For 40 National Banks
01/23/1998  NR 1998-8,New Bank Charters and Mergers to Get Year 2000 Scrutiny
01/21/1998  NR 1998-7,Regulators Propose Common Form for Merger Applications
01/16/1998  NR 1998-6,OCC Will Hold Hearing; Agency Seeks Fines, Restitution From Former Bank Chairman
01/15/1998  NR 1998-5,Comptroller of the Currency Eugene A. Ludwig Advised President Clinton and Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin Today that he will Leave Office When his Term Expires on April 4
01/13/1998  NR 1998-4,OCC Approves a National Bank to Certify Digital Signatures
01/12/1998  NR 1998-3,Oral Statement of Eugene A. Ludwig, Comptroller of the Currency Forum on Community Reinvestment and Access to Credit: California's Challenge Los Angeles, CA
01/06/1998  NR 1998-2,OCC Announces 14 New Enforcement Actions and One Termination
01/06/1998  NR 1998-1,OCC Fines AMCORE Banks for HMDA Reporting Errors