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2000 News Releases

12/21/2000  NR 2000-105,Agencies Adopt Rule On Disclosure And Reporting Of CRA-Related Agreements
12/20/2000  NR 2000-104,Comptroller Hawke Urges FDIC Reforms To End Inequitable Treatment of National Banks
12/20/2000  NR 2000-103,OCC Announces 6 New Enforcement Actions
12/18/2000  NR 2000-102,OCC Issues Statement on Bank Holdings of Securities for Hedge Purposes
12/14/2000  NR 2000-101,FDIC Approves the Assumption of the Insured Deposits of The National State Bank, Metropolis, Illinois
12/12/2000  NR 2000-100,Wilcox Discusses Deposit Insurance Reform
12/12/2000  NR 2000-99,OCC Names Dan Stipano to Succeed Bob Serino as Deputy Chief Counsel
12/08/2000  NR 2000-98,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 11 National Banks
12/06/2000  NR 2000-97,Agencies Propose Lower Risk Weighting For Bank Claims on Securities Firms
12/06/2000  NR 2000-96,OCC Reports Trading Revenues Off As Derivatives Volume Dips During 3rd Quarter
12/05/2000  NR 2000-95,Agencies Issue Interim Capital Rule For Collateral in Securities Borrowings
12/04/2000  NR 2000-94,Agencies Adopt Consumer Protection Rules For Insurance
12/01/2000  NR 2000-93,OCC Issues First Quarter 2001 CRA Examination Schedule
11/30/2000  NR 2000-92,OCC Acts on Citigroup Application
11/30/2000  NR 2000-91,OCC proposes operating subsidiaries For US federal branches and agencies
11/30/2000  NR 2000-90,OCC Proposes Rules To Ease Burdens Of Banks Operating Multi-State Trust Operations
11/30/2000  NR 2000-89,OCC Announces Assessment Schedule for 2001
11/27/2000  NR 2000-88,Agencies Urge Banks and Thrifts to Evaluate Risks with Vendors Engaged In Practices Viewed as Abusive To Consumers
11/16/2000  NR 2000-87,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 48 National Banks
11/14/2000  NR 2000-86,OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions
11/03/2000  NR 2000-85,Agencies Consider A Simplified Capital Framework For Non-Complex Institutions
10/27/2000  NR 2000-84,More National Banks Offer Internet Services, But Active On-Line Customers Are Few
10/24/2000  NR 2000-83,OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions
10/23/2000  NR 2000-82,A Basel Committee working group chaired by Comptroller of the Currency John D. Hawke, Jr. issued a report today urging a cooperative approach to the supervision of electronic banking.
10/20/2000  NR 2000-81,Agencies Propose Consistent Consumer Protection Rules For Affiliate Information Sharing Practices
10/17/2000  NR 2000-80,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 8 National Banks
10/11/2000  NR 2000-79,Mark A. Nishan Chief of Staff Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Before the Community Bank Directors Hershey, Pennsylvania October 11, 2000
10/10/2000  NR 2000-78,Bank Regulators' Data Show Continued Increase in Adversely Classified Syndicated Bank Loans
09/28/2000  NR 2000-77,Comptroller Promotes Leadership Role for National Banks In Areas Lacking Adequate Access to Financial Services
09/27/2000  NR 2000-76,Agencies Propose Revision Of Capital Rules For The Treatment Of Residual Interests
09/22/2000  NR 2000-75,OCC Proposes Pilot Program Adjusting Certain Lending Limits For Many Community National Banks
09/21/2000  NR 2000-74,OCC Announces 4 New Enforcement Actions
09/20/2000  NR 2000-73,The Level of Risk in Bank Portfolios Continues to Rise, OCC Reports in Annual Underwriting Survey
09/18/2000  NR 2000-72,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 11 National Banks
09/18/2000  NR 2000-71,Comptroller Hawke Tells Bankers OCC is Using Technology To Improve Bank Supervision and Reduce Regulatory Burden
09/18/2000  NR 2000-70,OCC Gives Bank Directors Guidance To Maintain Safe and Sound Conditions
09/18/2000  NR 2000-69,National Banknet An Exclusive Web Service for National Banks
09/11/2000  NR 2000-68,OCC Responds to Chairman Leach's Questions About Bank Holdings of Securities for Hedge Purposes
09/06/2000  NR 2000-67,Trading Revenue Remains Above $3 Billion, OCC Reports; Quarterly Derivatives Volume at Record Level
09/01/2000  NR 2000-66,OCC Issues Fourth Quarter 2000 CRA Examination Schedule
08/31/2000  NR 2000-65,OCC Announces 14 New Enforcement Actions
08/30/2000  NR 2000-64,Banks Urged to Remain Vigilant to Risks Stemming From Arrangements with Third Parties
08/29/2000  NR 2000-63,Nancy A. Wentzler Appointed Deputy Comptroller For Global Banking and Financial Analysis
08/21/2000  NR 2000-62,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 20 National Banks
08/21/2000  NR 2000-61,Agencies Propose Consumer Protection Rules For Insurance
08/02/2000  NR 2000-60,OCC Announces 13 New Enforcement Actions
08/01/2000  NR 2000-59,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 14 National Banks
07/27/2000  NR 2000-58,Cooperation And Coordination Among Federal Banking Agencies Underlies New Financial Modernization Law
07/26/2000  NR 2000-57,Comptroller Hawke Applauds SEC Effort To Enhance Auditor Independence
07/25/2000  NR 2000-56,OCC Reemphasizes Need for Strong Internal Control Systems And Audit Programs In Banks
07/23/2000  NR 2000-55,OCC Issues Internal Control and Audit Reminder to Banks
07/20/2000  NR 2000-54,OCC Expands Information Sharing Agreements with State Regulators
07/19/2000  NR 2000-53,OCC Warns that Some Web Site Names May Confuse Bank Customers
07/07/2000  NR 2000-52,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 15 National Banks
07/06/2000  NR 2000-51,New OCC Study Finds Banks Offering Internet Services Differ in Significant Ways from Other Institutions
07/05/2000  NR 2000-50,OCC Announces Nine New Enforcement Actions
06/28/2000  NR 2000-49,Providian to Cease Unfair Practices, Pay Consumers Minimum of $300 Million Under Settlement with OCC and San Francisco District Attorney
06/27/2000  NR 2000-48,Alvarez-Boyd Appointed Deputy Comptroller For Community Affairs
06/22/2000  NR 2000-47,Agencies Propose Standards for Customer Information Security
06/20/2000  NR 2000-46,Remarks by John D. Hawke, Jr. Comptroller of the Currency Before the Stonier Graduate School of Banking Washington, D.C.
06/19/2000  NR 2000-45,Revised Suspicious Activity Report Form (SAR)
06/14/2000  NR 2000-44,OCC Adds New Link on Corporate Applications to Web Site
06/06/2000  NR 2000-43,Trading Revenue Rises to Record $3.8 Billion At U.S. Commercial Banks in 1st Quarter
06/05/2000  NR 2000-42,Remarks by Julie L. Williams First Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel, OCC Before the Robert Morris Associates/Consumer Bankers Association 5th Annual Consumer Risk Management Conference Chicago, IL June 5, 2000
06/02/2000  NR 2000-41,FDIC Approves the Assumption of All the Deposits of Monument National Bank, Ridgecrest, California
05/31/2000  NR 2000-40,OCC Issues Third Quarter 2000 CRA Examination Schedule
05/31/2000  NR 2000-39,OCC Announces 23 New Enforcement Actions
05/30/2000  NR 2000-38,OCC Guidance Focuses on the Risks Of Using Computer-based Financial Models
05/24/2000  NR 2000-37,Comptroller Hawke Outlines Program to Combat Predatory Lending
05/16/2000  NR 2000-36,OCC Issues Guidance on Threat of Intrusions to Bank Computer Systems
05/15/2000  NR 2000-35,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 19 National Banks
05/15/2000  NR 2000-34,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected By Fires in New Mexico
05/11/2000  NR 2000-33,Joint Release - Agencies Propose Rule on Disclosure and Reporting of CRA-Related Agreements
05/10/2000  NR 2000-32,Agencies Approve Final Regulations For Privacy Of Consumer Financial Information
05/04/2000  NR 2000-31,OCC Announces New Community Development Resources for Bankers
05/02/2000  NR 2000-30,OCC Announces Nine New Enforcement Actions
04/27/2000  NR 2000-29,Joint Release-- Agencies Announce Working Group on Public Disclosure
04/26/2000  NR 2000-28,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 46 National Banks
04/14/2000  NR 2000-27,Anna Alvarez Boyd Named Acting Deputy Comptroller for Community Affairs
04/06/2000  NR 2000-26,Financial Modernization Law Strengthens Role of Primary Bank Regulators, Comptroller Hawke Says in Speech to New York State Bankers
04/05/2000  NR 2000-25,OCC Offers New Handbook to Banks Engaged in Accounts Receivable and Inventory Financing Activities
03/29/2000  NR 2000-24,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 42 National Banks
03/27/2000  NR 2000-23,Joint Press Release
03/23/2000  NR 2000-22,OCC Announces 21 New Enforcement Actions
03/21/2000  NR 2000-21,Comptroller Hawke Urges Increased Action, Education To Combat Predatory Lending
03/20/2000  NR 2000-20,OCC Concludes Pennsylvania Law Would Not Apply to National Banks
03/20/2000  NR 2000-19,OCC's New Litigation Handbook Focuses on Risks
03/15/2000  NR 2000-18,OCC Launches Internet Banking Website
03/14/2000  NR 2000-17,OCC Reports that 4th Quarter 1999 Bank Derivatives Volume Drops; Trading Revenue Increases
03/09/2000  NR 2000-16,OCC Approves Streamlined Approach for National Banks To Engage in New Activities through Financial Subsidiaries
03/07/2000  NR 2000-15,OCC Reemphasizes Importance of Internal Controls and Audit at National Banks
03/02/2000  NR 2000-14,OCC Announces 17 New Enforcement Actions
03/02/2000  NR 2000-13,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 44 National Banks
02/29/2000  NR 2000-12,OCC Issues Second Quarter 2000 CRA Examination Schedule
02/24/2000  NR 2000-11,Remarks by Julie L. Williams 1st Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel OCC Before the 5th Annual Cyberbanking and Electronic Commerce Conference Washington, DC, February 24, 2000
02/22/2000  NR 2000-10,Bank and Thrift Regulatory Agencies Publish Privacy Rule
02/17/2000  NR 2000-9,Agencies Propose Revision Of Risk-Based Capital Rules' Treatment Of Recourse And Direct-Credit Substitutes
02/17/2000  NR 2000-8,Comptroller Hawke Cautious Agricultural Bankers About Uncertain Farm Environment
02/08/2000  NR 2000-7,Comptroller Addresses 1999 Bank Failures and OCC Supervision
02/08/2000  NR 2000-6,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 71 National Banks
02/03/2000  NR 2000-5,OCC Proposes Rules to Implement Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Privacy Provisions
02/01/2000  NR 2000-4,OCC Seeks Comment on a Wide Range of Electronic Banking Issues As First Step in Effort to Adapt Regulations to Accommodate New Technologies
01/27/2000  NR 2000-3,OCC Announces 18 New Enforcement Actions
01/19/2000  NR 2000-2,OCC Proposes Streamlined Approach for National Banks To Engage in New Activities through Financial Subsidiaries
01/01/2000  NR 2000-1,Joint Release - Insured Financial Institutions Operating Normally Following Century Date Change