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2000 News Releases

Publish DateIdentifierTitle
12/21/2000  NR 2000-105, Agencies Adopt Rule on Disclosure Aand Reporting of CRA-Related Agreements
12/20/2000  NR 2000-104, Comptroller Hawke Urges FDIC Reforms to End Inequitable Treatment of National Banks
12/20/2000  NR 2000-103, OCC Announces 6 New Enforcement Actions
12/18/2000  NR 2000-102, OCC Issues Statement on Bank Holdings of Securities for Hedge Purposes
12/14/2000  NR 2000-101, FDIC Approves the Assumption of the Insured Deposits of The National State Bank, Metropolis, Illinois
12/12/2000  NR 2000-100, Wilcox Discusses Deposit Insurance Reform
12/12/2000  NR 2000-99, OCC Names Dan Stipano to Succeed Bob Serino as Deputy Chief Counsel
12/08/2000  NR 2000-98, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 11 National Banks
12/06/2000  NR 2000-97, Agencies Propose Lower Risk Weighting for Bank Claims on Securities Firms
12/06/2000  NR 2000-96, OCC Reports Trading Revenues Off as Derivatives Volume Dips During 3rd Quarter
12/05/2000  NR 2000-95, Agencies Issue Interim Capital Rule for Collateral in Securities Borrowings
12/04/2000  NR 2000-94, Agencies Adopt Consumer Protection Rules for Insurance
12/01/2000  NR 2000-93, OCC Issues First Quarter 2001 CRA Examination Schedule
11/30/2000  NR 2000-92, OCC Acts on Citigroup Application
11/30/2000  NR 2000-91, OCC Proposes Operating Subsidiaries for Federal Branches And Agencies of Foreign Banks
11/30/2000  NR 2000-90, OCC Proposes Rules To Ease Burdens of Banks Operating Multi-State Trust Operations
11/30/2000  NR 2000-89, OCC Announces Assessment Schedule for 2001
11/27/2000  NR 2000-88, Agencies Urge Banks and Thrifts to Evaluate Risks with Vendors Engaged In Practices Viewed as Abusive To Consumers
11/16/2000  NR 2000-87, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 48 National Banks
11/14/2000  NR 2000-86, OCC Announces 6 New Enforcement Actions
11/03/2000  NR 2000-85, Agencies Consider A Simplified Capital Framework For Non-Complex Institutions
10/27/2000  NR 2000-84, More National Banks Offer Internet Services, But Active On-Line Customers Are Few
10/24/2000  NR 2000-83, OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions
10/23/2000  NR 2000-82, Basel Committee Report Addresses the Supervisory Challenges of Electronic Banking
10/20/2000  NR 2000-81, Agencies Propose Consistent Consumer Protection Rules for Affiliate Information Sharing Practices
10/17/2000  NR 2000-80, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 8 National Banks
10/11/2000  NR 2000-79, Remarks by Mark A. Nishan Chief of Staff Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Before the Community Bank Directors Hershey, Pennsylvania
10/10/2000  NR 2000-78, Bank Regulators' Data Show Continued Increase in Adversely Classified Syndicated Bank Loans
09/28/2000  NR 2000-77, Comptroller Promotes Leadership Role for National Banks in Areas Lacking Adequate Access to Financial Services
09/27/2000  NR 2000-76, Agencies Propose Revision of Capital Rules for the Treatment of Residual Interests
09/22/2000  NR 2000-75, OCC Proposes Pilot Program Adjusting Certain Lending Limits For Many Community National Banks
09/21/2000  NR 2000-74, OCC Announces Four New Enforcement Actions
09/20/2000  NR 2000-73, The Level of Risk in Bank Portfolios Continues to Rise, OCC Reports in Annual Underwriting Survey
09/18/2000  NR 2000-72, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 11 National Banks
09/17/2000  NR 2000-71, Comptroller Hawke Tells Bankers OCC is Using Technology to Improve Bank Supervision and Reduce Regulatory Burden
09/17/2000  NR 2000-70, OCC Gives Bank Directors Guidance to Maintain Safe and Sound Conditions
09/17/2000  NR 2000-69, National Banknet an Exclusive Web Service for National Banks
09/11/2000  NR 2000-68, OCC Responds to Chairman Leach’s Questions About Bank Holdings of Securities for Hedge Purposes
09/05/2000  NR 2000-67, Trading Revenue Remains Above $3 Billion, OCC Reports; Quarterly Derivatives Volume at Record Level
09/01/2000  NR 2000-66, OCC Issues Fourth Quarter 2000 CRA Examination Schedule
08/31/2000  NR 2000-65, OCC Announces 14 New Enforcement Actions
08/30/2000  NR 2000-64, Banks Urged to Remain Vigilant to Risks Stemming From Arrangements with Third Parties
08/29/2000  NR 2000-63, Nancy A. Wentzler Appointed Deputy Comptroller for Global Banking and Financial Analysis
08/21/2000  NR 2000-62, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 20 National Banks
08/21/2000  NR 2000-61, Agencies Propose Consumer Protection Rules for Insurance
08/02/2000  NR 2000-60, OCC Announces 13 New Enforcement Actions
08/01/2000  NR 2000-59, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 14 National Banks
07/27/2000  NR 2000-58, Cooperation and Coordination Among Federal Banking Agencies Underlies New Financial Modernization Law
07/26/2000  NR 2000-57, Comptroller Hawke Applauds SEC Effort to Enhance Auditor Independence
07/24/2000  NR 2000-56, OCC Reemphasizes Need for Strong Internal Control Systems and Audit Programs in Banks
07/21/2000  NR 2000-55, OCC Issues Internal Control and Audit Reminder to Banks
07/20/2000  NR 2000-54, OCC Expands Information Sharing Agreements with State Regulators
07/19/2000  NR 2000-53, OCC Warns that Some Website Names May Confuse Bank Customers
07/06/2000  NR 2000-52, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 15 National Banks
07/06/2000  NR 2000-51, New OCC Study Finds Banks Offering Internet Services Differ in Significant Ways from Other Institutions
07/03/2000  NR 2000-50, OCC Announces Nine New Enforcement Actions
06/28/2000  NR 2000-49, Providian to Cease Unfair Practices, Pay Consumers Minimum of $300 Million Under Settlement with OCC and San Francisco District Attorney
06/27/2000  NR 2000-48, Alvarez-Boyd Appointed Deputy Comptroller For Community Affairs
06/21/2000  NR 2000-47, Agencies Propose Standards for Customer Information Security
06/20/2000  NR 2000-46, Remarks by John D. Hawke, Jr. Comptroller of the Currency Before the Stonier Graduate School of Banking Washington, D.C.
06/19/2000  NR 2000-45, Revised Suspicious Activity Report Form (SAR)
06/14/2000  NR 2000-44, OCC Adds New Link on Corporate Applications to Website
06/06/2000  NR 2000-43, Trading Revenue Rises to Record $3.8 Billion at U.S. Commercial Banks in 1st Quarter
06/05/2000  NR 2000-42, Remarks by Julie L. Williams First Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Before the Robert Morris Associates/Consumer Bankers Association 5th Annual Consumer Risk Management Conference Chicago, Illinois
06/02/2000  NR 2000-41, FDIC Approves the Assumption of All the Deposits of Monument National Bank, Ridgecrest, California
05/31/2000  NR 2000-40, OCC Issues Third Quarter 2000 CRA Examination Schedule
05/31/2000  NR 2000-39, OCC Announces 18 New Enforcement Actions
05/30/2000  NR 2000-38, OCC Guidance Focuses on the Risks of Using Computer-based Financial Models
05/24/2000  NR 2000-37, Comptroller Hawke Outlines Program to Combat Predatory Lending
05/16/2000  NR 2000-36, OCC Issues Guidance on Threat of Intrusions to Bank Computer Systems
05/15/2000  NR 2000-35, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 19 National Banks
05/12/2000  NR 2000-34, OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected By Fires in New Mexico
05/10/2000  NR 2000-33, Agencies Propose Rule on Disclosure and Reporting of CRA-Related Agreements
05/10/2000  NR 2000-32, Agencies Approve Final Regulations for Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
05/04/2000  NR 2000-31, OCC Announces New Community Development Resources for Bankers
05/02/2000  NR 2000-30, OCC Announces Nine New Enforcement Actions
04/27/2000  NR 2000-29, Agencies Announce Working Group on Public Disclosure
04/26/2000  NR 2000-28, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 46 National Banks
04/14/2000  NR 2000-27, Anna Alvarez Boyd Named Acting Deputy Comptroller for Community Affairs
04/06/2000  NR 2000-26, Financial Modernization Law Strengthens Role of Primary Bank Regulators, Comptroller Hawke Says in Speech to New York State Bankers
04/05/2000  NR 2000-25, OCC Offers New Handbook to Banks Engaged in Accounts Receivable and Inventory Financing Activities
03/29/2000  NR 2000-24, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 42 National Banks
03/23/2000  NR 2000-23, Joint Press Release
03/23/2000  NR 2000-22, OCC Announces 21 New Enforcement Actions
03/21/2000  NR 2000-21, Comptroller Hawke Urges Increased Action, Education to Combat Predatory Lending
03/20/2000  NR 2000-20, OCC Concludes Pennsylvania Law Would Not Apply to National Banks
03/20/2000  NR 2000-19, OCC's New Litigation Handbook Focuses on Risks
03/15/2000  NR 2000-18, OCC Launches Internet Banking Website
03/13/2000  NR 2000-17, OCC Reports that 4th Quarter 1999 Bank Derivatives Volume Drops; Trading Revenue Increases
03/09/2000  NR 2000-16, OCC Approves Streamlined Approach for National Banks To Engage in New Activities through Financial Subsidiaries
03/07/2000  NR 2000-15, OCC Reemphasizes Importance of Internal Controls and Audit at National Banks
03/02/2000  NR 2000-14, OCC Announces 17 New Enforcement Actions
03/01/2000  NR 2000-13, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 44 National Banks
02/29/2000  NR 2000-12, OCC Issues Second Quarter 2000 CRA Examination Schedule
02/24/2000  NR 2000-11, Remarks by Julie L. Williams 1st Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Before the 5th Annual Cyberbanking and Electronic Commerce Conference Washington, DC
02/22/2000  NR 2000-10, Bank and Thrift Regulatory Agencies Publish Privacy Rule
02/17/2000  NR 2000-9, Agencies Propose Revision Of Risk-Based Capital Rules' Treatment Of Recourse And Direct-Credit Substitutes
02/17/2000  NR 2000-8, Comptroller Hawke Cautions Agricultural Bankers About Uncertain Farm Environment
02/08/2000  NR 2000-7, Comptroller Addresses 1999 Bank Failures and OCC Supervision
02/04/2000  NR 2000-6, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 71 National Banks
02/03/2000  NR 2000-5, OCC Proposes Rules to Implement Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Privacy Provisions
02/01/2000  NR 2000-4, OCC Seeks Comment on a Wide Range of Electronic Banking Issues As First Step in Effort to Adapt Regulations to Accommodate New Technologies
01/27/2000  NR 2000-3, OCC Announces 18 New Enforcement Actions
01/19/2000  NR 2000-2, OCC Proposes Streamlined Approach for National Banks To Engage in New Activities through Financial Subsidiaries
01/01/2000  NR 2000-1, Insured Financial Institutions Operating Normally Following Century Date Change