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2002 News Releases

12/20/2002  NR 2002-97,Banks Play Significant Role in Rural Economic Development
12/17/2002  NR 2002-96,Agencies Propose Disciplinary Action Rules for Accountants and Accounting Firms Performing Certain Audit Services
12/17/2002  NR 2002-95,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 37 National Banks
12/13/2002  NR 2002-94,OCC Announces 14 New Enforcement Actions and 5 Terminations
12/13/2002  NR 2002-93,Bank Derivatives Report, OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Grows $3.1 Trillion
12/11/2002  NR 2002-92,Statement of Douglas Roeder Senior Deputy Comptroller, OCC before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Governmental Affairs of the United States Senate
12/02/2002  NR 2002-91,OCC Issues First Quarter 2003 CRA Examination Schedule
11/21/2002  NR 2002-90,Jennifer Kelly Named Deputy Comptroller for Mid-Size Banks
11/19/2002  NR 2002-89,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 44 National Banks
11/19/2002  NR 2002-88,OCC Announces 18 New Enforcement Actions and 5 Terminations
11/05/2002  NR 2002-87,OCC Directory Highlights Bank Community Development Investments
11/05/2002  NR 2002-86,Comptroller Hawke Says Thrift Charter Remains Viable Despite Convergence of Banking and Thrift Industries
10/29/2002  NR 2002-85,OCC Takes Action Against ACE Cash Express, Inc. and Goleta National Bank
10/22/2002  NR 2002-84,Comptroller Hawke Says Reforming the System of Funding Bank Supervision Would Improve Safety and Soundness and Strengthen Dual Banking System
10/21/2002  NR 2002-83,OCC Announces Four Appointments in Bank Supervision
10/16/2002  NR 2002-82,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 36 National Banks
10/16/2002  NR 2002-81,OCC Announces 13 New Enforcement Actions and 2 Terminations
10/15/2002  NR 2002-80,Comptroller Explains the Structure of U.S. Bank Supervision
10/08/2002  NR 2002-79,Bank Regulatory Agencies Find Adversely Rated Syndicated Loans Continue to Increase in 2002, but at Slower Rate than Previous Year
10/07/2002  NR 2002-78,Comptroller Addresses Corporate Reform for Banks
09/25/2002  NR 2002-77,OCC Announces District Office Restructuring to Meet Challenges of the Future
09/23/2002  NR 2002-76,Comptroller Hawke Addresses Independent Bankers Association of Texas
09/19/2002  NR 2002-75,Barry Kolatch Named Deputy Comptroller For Economic Research and Policy Development
09/19/2002  NR 2002-74,OCC Updates Guide to Tribal Ownership of a National Bank
09/17/2002  NR 2002-73,OCC Rule on Debt Cancellation Contracts and Debt Suspension Agreements Provides New Consumer Protections and Safety and Soundness Standards
09/17/2002  NR 2002-72,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 35 National Banks
09/17/2002  NR 2002-71,OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Termination
09/05/2002  NR 2002-70,OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Tops $50 Trillion
09/03/2002  NR 2002-69,OCC Issues Fourth Quarter 2002 CRA Examination Schedule
08/30/2002  NR 2002-68,Regulators Issue Draft White Paper on Sound Practices To Strengthen the Resilience of the U.S. Financial System
08/29/2002  NR 2002-67,OCC Issues Examiner Handbook on Personal Fiduciary Services
08/20/2002  NR 2002-66,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 26 National Banks
08/19/2002  NR 2002-65,OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions and 4 Terminations
08/08/2002  NR 2002-64,Federal Financial Institution Regulators Extend Comment Period On Draft Credit Card Guidance
08/06/2002  NR 2002-63,Kathy Dick Named Deputy Comptroller for Risk Evaluation
07/30/2002  NR 2002-62,Hispanic Banking Forum Encourages Banks to Reach Growing Hispanic Population in Chicago Region
07/22/2002  NR 2002-61,Federal Financial Institution Regulators Draft Guidance on Credit Card Lending
07/18/2002  NR 2002-60,OCC Unveils New Version of Web-based Manual To Ease Access to Updated Application Requirements
07/17/2002  NR 2002-59,Treasury and Federal Financial Regulators Issue Patriot Act Regulations on Customer Identification
07/17/2002  NR 2002-58,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 17 National Banks
07/16/2002  NR 2002-57,OCC Announces 11 New Enforcement Actions and 3 Terminations
06/27/2002  NR 2002-56,OCC Survey Shows Measured Response By Banks to Slowing Economy
06/24/2002  NR 2002-55,Banking Agencies Issue Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios
06/24/2002  NR 2002-54,OCC Issues Booklet on Insurance Activities
06/21/2002  NR 2002-53,Bill McPherson Named Deputy Comptroller for Large Banks; Michael Brosnan Appointed Examiner-in-Charge
06/14/2002  NR 2002-52,OCC Announces 2 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Termination
06/14/2002  NR 2002-51,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 38 National Banks
06/06/2002  NR 2002-50,Remarks by Mark A. Nishan Chief of Staff Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Before a Bankers Outreach Meeting Minneapolis, Minnesota
06/06/2002  NR 2002-49,The Road to Basel II: Good Intentions and Imposing Challenges
06/05/2002  NR 2002-48,OCC Reports Bank Trading Revenues Over $3 Billion
06/05/2002  NR 2002-47,Agencies Amend Rule On Prohibition Against Using Interstate Branches Primarily for Deposit Production
05/30/2002  NR 2002-46,OCC Issues Third Quarter 2002 CRA Examination Schedule
05/23/2002  NR 2002-45,OCC Cautions National Banks on "Yield Chasing"
05/16/2002  NR 2002-44,OCC Issues Final Rule on Electronic Banking
05/15/2002  NR 2002-43,Issues Risk Management Guidance for Banks that Use Foreign-Based Third-Party Service Providers
05/15/2002  NR 2002-42,OCC Announces 15 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Termination
05/15/2002  NR 2002-41,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 25 National Banks
05/09/2002  NR 2002-40,Comptroller Welcomes Growing Consensus that Fee Disparity Problem Must Be Fixed
05/08/2002  NR 2002-39,Timothy W. Long Appointed Senior Deputy Comptroller for Mid-Size/Community Bank Supervision
04/23/2002  NR 2002-38,Comptroller Hawke Urges Senate to End Inequitable Treatment of National Banks
04/23/2002  NR 2002-37,Agencies Outline Risks of Parallel-Owned Banking Organizations
04/16/2002  NR 2002-36,OCC Announces 12 New Enforcement Actions and 2 Terminations
04/16/2002  NR 2002-35,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 27 National Banks
04/10/2002  NR 2002-34,Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Underscores Major Increase In the Beneficial Relationships Between Banks and CDCs
04/09/2002  NR 2002-33,Agencies Issue Final Rule Lowering Risk Weighting For Claims On Securities Firms
04/08/2002  NR 2002-32,Comptroller Outlines the Benefits of Financial Literacy Programs
03/25/2002  NR 2002-31,Comptroller Hawke Says Independence of Bank Regulators Helped Industry Remain Strong to Support Economic Recovery
03/22/2002  NR 2002-30,OCC Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Urges Banks to be Vigilant In Avoiding Unfair and Deceptive Marketing Practices
03/19/2002  NR 2002-29,Interagency Statement Regarding Arthur Andersen
03/19/2002  NR 2002-28,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 29 National Banks
03/19/2002  NR 2002-27,OCC Announces 11 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Terminations
03/18/2002  NR 2002-26,OCC Files Notice of Charges Against People's National Bank of Paris, Texas
03/18/2002  NR 2002-25,OCC Concludes that GLBA and Barnett Decision Show Parts of Massachusetts Law do not Apply to National Banks
03/18/2002  NR 2002-24,Comptroller Urges Industry to Adapt Technology To Give Low-Income Americans Greater Access to Banking Services
03/14/2002  NR 2002-23,OCC Supports Legislative Efforts to Reduce Unnecessary Regulatory Burden
03/11/2002  NR 2002-22,Regulators Issue Common Form for Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Applications
03/11/2002  NR 2002-21,Interagency Loan Data Request to Improve the Bank Examination Process
03/07/2002  NR 2002-20,Comptroller Hawke Says Industry Still Faces Challenges, But Emerged from Difficulties of 2001 in Good Condition
03/07/2002  NR 2002-19,OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Falls Below $50 Trillion
03/06/2002  NR 2002-18,OCC and ABA Cosponsor Community and Economic Development Conference
03/04/2002  NR 2002-17,Comptroller Hawke Says Good Progress is Being Made on Capital Accord, Although Many Thorny Issues Remain to be Worked Out by Basel Committee
03/04/2002  NR 2002-16,OCC Reduces Regulatory Burden for Well-Managed Federal Branches
03/01/2002  NR 2002-15,OCC Closes Net First National Bank and Appoints FDIC Receiver
02/28/2002  NR 2002-14,OCC Issues Second Quarter 2002 CRA Examination Schedule
02/22/2002  NR 2002-13,Jacquelyn Fletcher Appointed Chief Information Officer at the OCC
02/19/2002  NR 2002-12,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 24 National Banks
02/14/2002  NR 2002-11,OCC Announces 20 New Enforcement Actions and 5 Terminations
02/12/2002  NR 2002-10,Comptroller Calls Preemption a Major Advantage of National Bank Charter
02/07/2002  NR 2002-09,OCC Closes NextBank and Appoints FDIC Receiver
02/06/2002  NR 2002-08,Agencies Publish "Privacy Choices for Your Personal Financial Information"
01/18/2002  NR 2002-07,OCC and People's Bank of China Assess Money Penalties Against Bank of China
01/15/2002  NR 2002-06,OCC Announces 14 New Enforcement Actions
01/15/2002  NR 2002-05,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 28 National Banks
01/11/2002  NR 2002-04,Hamilton Bank, N.A. Closed by the OCC and FDIC Appointed Receiver
01/08/2002  NR 2002-03,Agencies Adopt Final Rules Concerning the Regulatory Capital Treatment of Nonfinancial Equity Investments
01/08/2002  NR 2002-02,OCC Issues Examiner Handbook on Custody Services
01/03/2002  NR 2002-01,OCC Orders Eagle to Cease Payday Lending Program