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2003 News Releases

12/23/2003  NR 2003-104,Federal Regulators Seek Public Comment on Ways to Improve Privacy Notices
12/19/2003  NR 2003-103,OCC Issues Final Rule on Federal Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks
12/17/2003  NR 2003-102,OCC Issues Final Rule Allowing National Banks To Make Organizational Changes More Efficiently
12/16/2003  NR 2003-101,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 40 National Banks
12/16/2003  NR 2003-100,OCC Announces 15 New Enforcement Actions and One Termination
12/15/2003  NR 2003-99,Comptroller Hawke Restates U.S. Commitment to Basel Capital Process But Warns that Many Complex and Difficult Issues Must Still be Resolved
12/12/2003  NR 2003-98,OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Tops $67 Trillion
12/05/2003  NR 2003-97,OCC Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Addresses Consumer Federation of America
12/02/2003  NR 2003-96,Jeffrey A. Brown Named Senior Deputy Comptroller, Economics and International; Thomas R. Bloom to Become Senior Deputy Comptroller for Management and CFO
12/01/2003  NR 2003-95,OCC Issues First Quarter 2004 CRA Examination Schedule
11/25/2003  NR 2003-94,Federal and State Agencies Announce Actions Against Security Trust Company; Phoenix Bank will Undergo Orderly Dissolution and Close by March 31, 2004
11/25/2003  NR 2003-93,OCC Issues Order Requiring Security Trust Co. to Begin Orderly Dissolution; Discloses Earlier Actions to Ensure Funds Available to Protect Bank's Clients
11/14/2003  NR 2003-92,OCC Publishes Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2003
11/14/2003  NR 2003-91,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 46 National Banks
11/14/2003  NR 2003-90,OCC Announces 12 New Enforcement Actions and Nine Terminations
11/13/2003  NR 2003-89,OCC Allows National Bank Offices in Florida to Close if Necessary
11/13/2003  NR 2003-88,OCC Takes Action Against Texas Bank Engaged in Abusive Lending
10/30/2003  NR 2003-87,Proposed Treatment of Expected and Unexpected Losses Under the New Basel Capital Accord
10/28/2003  NR 2003-86,OCC Guidance Will Assist Banks In Corporate Governance
10/28/2003  NR 2003-85,OCC Allows National Bank Offices Affected by California Wildfires to Close
10/24/2003  NR 2003-84,Ann F. Jaedicke Named Deputy Comptroller for Compliance
10/23/2003  NR 2003-83,New OCC Paper Describes Benefits of the Dual Banking System
10/21/2003  NR 2003-82,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 33 National Banks
10/16/2003  NR 2003-81,OCC Announces 13 New Enforcement Actions and Three Terminations
10/09/2003  NR 2003-80,OCC Chief of Staff Mark A. Nishan Addresses Midwest National Bank Conference
10/07/2003  NR 2003-79,Federal Agencies Publish Consumer Brochure on Predatory Lending
09/29/2003  NR 2003-78,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 42 National Banks
09/25/2003  NR 2003-77,OCC Directory Showcases Banks' Community Development Investments
09/23/2003  NR 2003-76,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected by Hurricane Isabel
09/22/2003  NR 2003-75,Comptroller Hawke Addresses ABA Convention
09/17/2003  NR 2003-74,OCC Allows National Bank Offices Affected by Hurricane Isabel to Close
09/17/2003  NR 2003-73,OCC Announces Six New Enforcement Actions and Four Terminations
09/12/2003  NR 2003-72,Agencies Issue Rulemakings to Amend Risk-Based Capital Treatment of Exposures to Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Programs and Securitizations with Early Amortization Provisions
09/12/2003  NR 2003-71,OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Surpasses $65 Trillion
09/10/2003  NR 2003-70,Bank Regulators' Data Show Stabilization in Credit Quality
09/09/2003  NR 2003-69,Comptroller of the Currency John D. Hawke, Jr. Addresses Women in Housing and Finance
09/02/2003  NR 2003-68,OCC Issues Fourth Quarter 2003 CRA Examination Schedule
08/26/2003  NR 2003-67,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 35 National Banks
08/26/2003  NR 2003-66,OCC Announces 23 New Enforcement Actions and Seven Terminations
08/25/2003  NR 2003-65,OCC Issues Statement on the Federal Reserve Board's Proposed Interpretation Of the Anti-Tying Provisions of the 1970 Bank Holding Company Act Amendments
08/14/2003  NR 2003-64,OCC Allows National Bank Offices Affected by Major Power Outages to Close
08/12/2003  NR 2003-63,Agencies Jointly Issue Request for Comment on Interagency Guidance on Response Programs to Protect Against Identity Theft
08/08/2003  NR 2003-62,Agencies Issue Final Rules on Disciplinary Actions Against Accountants and Accounting Firms Performing Certain Audit Services
08/04/2003  NR 2003-61,Agencies Announce Publication of Documents Related to Basel Accord Implementation
08/01/2003  NR 2003-60,OCC Requires First Consumers National Bank to Refund Customer Fees
07/31/2003  NR 2003-59,OCC Takes Steps To Keep Abusive Practices Out Of National Banking System While Ensuring Continued Access To Credit For Low-Income Americans
07/28/2003  NR 2003-58,Federal Banking Agencies Announce New Interagency Electronic Filing System for Beneficial Ownership Reports
07/24/2003  NR 2003-57,Comptroller Hawke Urges New Approach to Combating Predatory Lending
07/23/2003  NR 2003-56,Agencies Issue Guidance On Appropriate Use Of Discount Window
07/21/2003  NR 2003-55,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 80 National Banks
07/16/2003  NR 2003-54,OCC Announces Eight New Enforcement Actions and One Termination
07/11/2003  NR 2003-53,Bank and Thrift Agencies to Seek Comment On Proposals for U.S. Implementation of Basel II
06/25/2003  NR 2003-52,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 16 National Banks
06/19/2003  NR 2003-51,Remarks by John D. Hawke, Jr. Comptroller of the Currency Before the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit of the Committee on Financial Services of the United States House of Representatives
06/18/2003  NR 2003-50,Remarks by John D. Hawke, Jr. Comptroller of the Currency Before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs United States Senate
06/18/2003  NR 2003-49,OCC Announces 25 New Enforcement Actions and Five Terminations
06/17/2003  NR 2003-48,Regulators Award Contract in First Step to Modernize the Collection of Bank Data
06/11/2003  NR 2003-47,OCC's Community Developments Newsletter Focuses on Banks and Affordable Housing in Rural America
06/10/2003  NR 2003-46,Remarks by Julie L. Williams First Senior Deputy Comptroller of the Currency and Chief Counsel before the Risk USA 2003 Conference Boston, Massachusetts
06/06/2003  NR 2003-45,OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Over $60 Trillion
06/03/2003  NR 2003-44,Remarks by Julie L. Williams First Senior Deputy Comptroller of the Currency and Chief Counsel before the Risk Management Association's Retail Risk Management Conference Chicago, Illinois
06/03/2003  NR 2003-43,Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Seek Comment On Interagency Effort to Reduce Regulatory Burden
05/30/2003  NR 2003-42,OCC Issues Third Quarter 2003 CRA Examination Schedule
05/30/2003  NR 2003-41,Chief of Staff Mark A. Nishan Addresses Urban Financial Services Coalition
05/23/2003  NR 2003-40,OCC Enters into Agreements with Law Firm and Attorney That Represented First National Bank of Keystone
05/22/2003  NR 2003-39,Banking Agencies Issue Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios
05/22/2003  NR 2003-38,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 37 National Banks
05/19/2003  NR 2003-37,OCC Announces Nine New Enforcement Actions and Four Terminations
05/14/2003  NR 2003-36,Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Provides Historical Perspective On Issues Facing the National Banking System
05/09/2003  NR 2003-35,OCC Closes The First National Bank of Blanchardville and Appoints FDIC Receiver
04/30/2003  NR 2003-34,Banking Agencies Announce Publication of Basel Accord Consultative Paper
04/22/2003  NR 2003-33,Regulators Issue Guidance on the Risks of Weblinking
04/17/2003  NR 2003-32,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 48 National Banks
04/17/2003  NR 2003-31,OCC Announces 16 New Enforcement Actions and Seven Terminations
04/16/2003  NR 2003-30,Remarks by John D. Hawke, Jr. Comptroller of the Currency Before the Exchequer Club Washington, D.C.
04/15/2003  NR 2003-29,Comptroller Hawke Urges Banks to Court Minority Customers
04/08/2003  NR 2003-28,Regulators Issue Interagency Paper On Sound Practices To Strengthen the Resilience Of The U.S. Financial System
04/07/2003  NR 2003-27,Bankers Assessed Civil Money Penalties and Barred from Banking After Compromising Confidential Customer Financial Information
03/31/2003  NR 2003-26,OCC Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Testifies Before House Subcommittee
03/24/2003  NR 2003-25,Barbara J. Grunkemeyer Named Deputy Comptroller for Credit Risk
03/21/2003  NR 2003-24,OCC Makes Applications Easier for National Banks
03/20/2003  NR 2003-23,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 33 National Banks
03/20/2003  NR 2003-22,OCC Announces Six New Enforcement Actions and Two Terminations
03/18/2003  NR 2003-21,New OCC Paper Examines History of National Banking System And Discusses Current Issues in Bank Regulation
03/17/2003  NR 2003-20,Agencies Issue Updated Policy Statement On Internal Auditing
03/13/2003  NR 2003-19,Comptroller of the Currency Before the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation London, England
03/12/2003  NR 2003-18,OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Grows $2.9 Trillion
03/04/2003  NR 2003-17,Comptroller Hawke Calls for Study of Compliance Regulation And Development of Simpler and Less Burdensome Disclosures
03/03/2003  NR 2003-16,OCC Issues Second Quarter 2003 CRA Examination Schedule
03/03/2003  NR 2003-15,Comptroller Hawke Highlights Importance of New Basel Capital Accord But Says Important Issues Must be Resolved Before OCC Will Issue Rules
02/27/2003  NR 2003-14,Comptroller Hawke Discusses Basle Capital Framework in House Testimony
02/26/2003  NR 2003-13,Kay Kowitt Named Deputy Comptroller for Western District
02/26/2003  NR 2003-12,Comptroller Hawke Urges Senate to Reform FDIC Insurance Fund
02/25/2003  NR 2003-11,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 33 National Banks
02/25/2003  NR 2003-10,OCC Announces 13 New Enforcement Actions
02/25/2003  NR 2003-09,Agencies Issue Advisory on Mortgage Banking Activities
02/21/2003  NR 2003-08,OCC Issues Guidelines to National Banks to Guard Against Abusive Lending Practices; Invites Comments on Request to Determine that Georgia Law is Preempted
01/31/2003  NR 2003-07,OCC Seeks Comment on Package of Rules Dealing with AHEOA, Fiduciary Activities, Real Estate Lending and Visitorial Powers
01/31/2003  NR 2003-06,Peoples National Bank to Pay $175,000 Civil Money Penalty And End Payday Lending Relationship with Advance America
01/22/2003  NR 2003-05,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 39 National Banks
01/22/2003  NR 2003-04,OCC Announces Nine New Enforcement Actions and Three Terminations
01/21/2003  NR 2003-03,OCC Concludes Case Against First National Bank in Brookings Involving Payday Lending, Unsafe Merchant Processing, and Deceptive Marketing of Credit Cards
01/09/2003  NR 2003-02,OCC Proposed Rule Encourages Public Welfare Investments by National Banks
01/08/2003  NR 2003-01,FFIEC Agencies Issue Guidance on Credit Card Account Management and Loss Allowance Practices