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Public charter schools offer an education alternative to communities, and many offer a financial opportunity for banks.
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Why Charter Schools?

Charter schools were and continue to be a response to the need for better quality education in the nation’s public school systems, most notably in urban areas.

Fostering Public Policy Initiatives
The Public School Achievement Gap
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Addressing the Finance Gap

Despite charter schools’ many benefits and successes, there continues to be a mismatch in the market between the perception and reality of their creditworthiness.

New Markets Tax Credit Funding Extended
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Charter Schools: A Good Credit Risk to Improve Communities

Lenders with large portfolios report strong performance over a period of many years.

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Charter Schools Benefit From New Markets Tax Credit Financing

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) is a popular and flexible community development financing tool that may be used for both the development of real estate facilities and the funding of operating businesses.