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2005 CRA Changes and the Intermediate Small Bank in Review
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Is the ISB Exam Right for Your Bank?

FAQ About the ISB Exam

New CRA Help for Rural Communities

Rebuilding Communities After a Disaster

ISB Exam Links

Locating Eligible Distressed or Underserved Areas Links

2005 CRA Regulation Revision

2005 CRA Regulation Revision Q's and A's

CRA Consultations Available

This Just In…OCC’s Districts Report on New Investment Opportunities for Banks

CD Topics of Interest

Investment Resources for Part 24 Authority

Part 24 Resources on the Web

Common Part 24 Questions

Part 24 Embraces CRA Changes

CD Investment Precedent Letters

Investments in National/Regional Funds

Second Quarter 2006
Part 24 Investments

Regulation and CD-1 Form

Community Affairs Indexes: Articles and Opportunities on Community Development Topics of Interest

Community Affairs has developed an archive of more than 100 articles on community and economic development topics, ranging from affordable housing to Native American banking.  If you are interested in a specific topic, this is a resource you will want to visit at: /topics/community-affairs/publications/article-archives/index-article-archives.html.  In addition, Community Affairs has compiled a listing of community development opportunities found across the country, as first identified in the Community Affairs newsletters and electronic magazines.  These opportunities are organized by states.  If you are looking for an opportunity or contact in a specific location, this list can help.  You will find the list at: /topics/community-affairs/publications/article-archives/index-article-archives.html.