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Winter 2005

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Promoting the public welfare:
What bank CDCs can do

Bank CDCs can undertake many activities that promote the public welfare by primarily benefiting low- and moderate-income persons and communities. Investments meeting this standard can include those that provide or support:

Affordable housing, community services,
or permanent jobs
• Finance, acquire, develop, rehabilitate, manage,
Spacer sell or rent affordable housing
• Develop and operate an assisted living facility
Spacerfor the elderly
• Develop and operate a special needs project,
Spacer such as transitional housing for the homeless
• Develop and operate a medical or mental
Spacerhealth facility
• Develop and operate a community services facility
• Provide credit counseling and job training
• Conduct community development research
• Invest in federal low-income housing tax credits
• Invest in historic rehabilitation tax credits
• Generate or retain permanent jobs
Equity or debt
financing for
small business
• Provide equity and loan financing and/or technical
Spacer assistance for small businesses and micro
Spacer enterprises
• Invest in a community development entity that
Spacer provides financing for small businesses
• Invest in federal new markets tax credits
Area revitalization
or stabilization

• Develop and operate a commercial
Spacer or industrial property
• Develop and operate a business incubator
• Form a community development financial
Spacerinstitution (CDFI) or community development
Spacerfocus bank
• Form and operate an agricultural cooperative