Image Fall 2009 Community Developments Cover

A Look Inside ... Partnerships Provide Models for Rebuilding Neighborhoods
A glimpse at the partnerships banks forge to support community stabilization and an introduction to this newsletter's content
Partnerships Serve Common and Self-Interest of Banks, Communities
Read Comptroller Dugan's views on community stabilization strategies
Wells Fargo: Using Multiple Strategies for Managing and Renewing REO Properties
Neighborhood Stabilization Program: Federal Funds Are Critical for Renewing Neighborhoods Nationwide
National Community Stabilization Trust: Building Bridges to Help Communities in Crisis

Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation: Pioneering Partnerships through Personal Connections
Self-Help: Using Lease-Purchase to Help Home Buyers and Stabilize Communities

HANDS: Leading the Way with JPMorgan Chase and Bulk Buy of Mortgage Notes
Housing Our Communities: Consumer-Focused Strategy Helps Improve Neighborhoods
Compliance Corner

This Just In ... OCC's Districts Report on New Opportunities for Banks