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Comptroller Dugan on Minority-Owned Banks

OCC Affirms Support for Minority-Owned Banks

OCC List of Minority- and Women-Owned Banks

Minority Bank Deposit Program

MinBank Foundation Scholarships

National Bankers Association – The NBA Journey

NBA Promotes Business Partnerships

Canyon National Bank

OCC Resources on Native American Banking

Commonwealth National Bank

United Americas Bank, N.A.

Omni Bank, N.A.

Supervising Minority- Owned Banks: A Two-Way Street

Compliance Corner: Encouraging Investments in Minority-Owned Banks

How Majority and Minority-Owned Institutions Can Work Together

Benefits of CDFI Certification

List of Minority- Owned CDFI Banks

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MinBanc Foundation Scholarships

Image from MinBanc's website

MinBanc was established in 1999 as a nonprofit foundation generating scholarship funds to advance the education of minorities in the financial services industry.  Scholarship grants of up to $4,000 per employee per year are made available to eligible management employees of minority- and women-owned banks. Each year scholarships are awarded to employees of between 15 and 20 institutions. Since its inception, over 2,000 employees of minority- and women-owned banks have received scholarships from MinBanc.

Additional information on MinBanc may be obtained from the National Bankers Association at (202) 588-5432.