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Comptroller Dugan on Minority-Owned Banks

OCC Affirms Support for Minority-Owned Banks

OCC List of Minority- and Women-Owned Banks

Minority Bank Deposit Program

MinBank Foundation Scholarships

National Bankers Association – The NBA Journey

NBA Promotes Business Partnerships

Canyon National Bank

OCC Resources on Native American Banking

Commonwealth National Bank

United Americas Bank, N.A.

Omni Bank, N.A.

Supervising Minority- Owned Banks: A Two-Way Street

Compliance Corner: Encouraging Investments in Minority-Owned Banks

How Majority and Minority-Owned Institutions Can Work Together

Benefits of CDFI Certification

List of Minority- Owned CDFI Banks

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OCC’s Minority- and Women-Owned Bank List

The OCC maintains a list of minority- and women-owned national banks on the Minority Banks page of agency’s Web site ( This listing may be useful to minority- or women-owned institutions seeking to identify peer banks against which to compare operating performance. The list may also be of assistance to financial institutions that want to establish business relationships with, or invest in, minority- and women-owned banks. The most recently updated list includes 40 national banks. In addition, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) maintains a listing of FDIC-insured minority-owned financial institutions on its Web site at