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CRA Performance Evaluations That Became Public March 15 to April 14, 1996

15535 First National Bank of Pickens County Aliceville AL 12/31/95 Satisfactory
14569 SouthTrust Bank of Alabama, N.A. Birmingham AL 11/17/95 Outstanding
16579 First National Bank Hamilton AL 2/7/96 Satisfactory
17641 The Bank of Commerce, N.A. Auburn CA 10/31/95 Outstanding
14695 City National Bank Beverly Hills CA 11/28/95 Satisfactory
21541 The Bank of California, N.A. San Francisco CA 9/30/95 Satisfactory
17423 First Professional Bank, N.A. Santa Monica CA 12/13/95 Satisfactory
15472 First National Bank of Estes Park Estes Park CO 12/7/95 Satisfactory
5046 The Riggs National Bank of Washington Washington DC 10/31/95 Satisfactory
16804 Commercebank, N.A. Coral Gables FL 12/19/95 Outstanding
21418 Enterprise National Bank Jacksonville FL 2/6/96 Satisfactory
21778 Port St. Lucie National Bank Port St. Lucie FL 12/21/95 Outstanding
21537 Embry National Bank Atlanta GA 12/22/95 Satisfactory
22520 SouthTrust Bank of Georgia, N.A. Atlanta GA 11/8/95 Outstanding
22152 The Savannah Bank, N.A. Savannah GA 1/30/96 Satisfactory
15799 First National Bank Fontanelle IA 2/22/96 Satisfactory
14347 Greene County National Bank in Carollton Carrolton IL 1/12/96 Satisfactory
8 The First National Bank of Chicago Chicago IL 10/19/95 Satisfactory
2332 The Farmers National Bank of Geneseo Geneseo IL 1/26/96 Satisfactory
14466 Farmers National Bank of Griggsville Griggsville IL 2/1/96 Satisfactory
347 First National Bank of Lacon Lacon IL 12/31/95 Outstanding
22652 The National Bank of Indianapolis Indianapolis IN 1/10/96 Satisfactory
3175 The Citizens National Bank Fort Scott KS 2/1/96 Satisfactory
14370 First National Bank in Fredonia Fredonia KS 2/8/96 Satisfactory
3180 The First National Bank of Hutchinson Hutchinson KS 2/8/96 Satisfactory
1910 Peoples National Bank & Trust Ottawa KS 2/12/96 Outstanding
3350 The Miami County National Bank of Paola Paola KS 2/12/96 Outstanding
3855 The First National Bank of Sedan Sedan KS 2/15/96 Satisfactory
22304 Tri-County National Bank Washington KS 2/1/96 Outstanding
6606 The First N.B. of St. Mary's at Leonardtown Leonardtown MD 12/31/95 Satisfactory
21599 The Riggs National Bank of Maryland Rockville MD 10/31/95 Satisfactory
9838 The First National Bank of Crosby Crosby MN 2/8/96 Satisfactory
6837 First National Bank of Osakis Oasakis MN 2/8/96 Satisfactory
15110 Park National Bank St. Louis Park MN 1/25/96 Satisfactory
21179 First National Bank of West St. Paul West St. Paul MN 1/23/96 Satisfactory
14532 First National Bank of Clinton Clinton MO 1/2/96 Satisfactory
15851 First National Bank of Rosedale Rosedale MS 12/31/95 Outstanding
6818 First National Bank Beemer NE 2/9/96 Outstanding
7239 National Bank of Commerce Lincoln NE 1/19/96 Satisfactory
22274 American National Bank Nebraska City NE 1/23/96 Satisfactory
7949 The First National Bank of Shelby Shelby NE 1/12/96 Outstanding
3392 The First National Bank of Wayne Wayne NE 2/21/96 Satisfactory
13764 Farmington National Bank Farmington NH 9/30/95 Satisfactory
1316 Midlantic Bank, N.A. Edison NJ 2/13/96 Outstanding
13814 First Security Bank of NM, NA/FNB in Albuquerque Albuquerque NM 12/6/95 Outstanding
14636 First National Bank in Las Vegas Las Vegas NM 12/14/95 Satisfactory
12450 National Bank of Geneva Geneva NY 12/31/95 Outstanding
14709 Stebbins National Bank of Creston Creston OH 1/2/96 Satisfactory
18771 Morgan Bank, National Association Hudson OH 1/31/96 Satisfactory
18764 Capital Bank, N.A. Sylvania OH 1/23/96 Satisfactory
22697 Norwest Bank Ohio, N.A. Van Wert OH 2/9/96 Satisfactory
5753 City National Bank and Trust Company Lawton OK 1/29/96 Satisfactory
17091 Rockwell Bank, N.A. Oklahoma City OK 11/30/95 Outstanding
17174 Valley National Bank Tulsa OK 2/8/96 Satisfactory
21688 First Consumers National Bank Beaverton OR 9/30/95 Satisfactory
661 Downingtown National Bank Dowingtown PA 12/4/95 Satisfactory
13781 United States National Bank Johnstown PA 9/30/95 Outstanding
6051 Citizens National Bank of Slatington Slatington PA 1/18/96 Satisfactory
2333 Union National Bank & Trust Company Souderton PA 1/3/96 Outstanding
11213 First National Bank of Spring Mills Spring Mills PA 1/11/96 Satisfactory
8624 First National Bank of Frederick Frederick SD 2/13/96 Satisfactory
10735 Citizens National Bank Athens TN 2/9/96 Outstanding
5263 First Citizens National Bank Dyersburg TN 9/30/95 Outstanding
21972 Enterprise National Bank Memphis TN 11/20/95 Satisfactory
13046 The First National Bank in Cooper Cooper TX 1/18/96 Satisfactory
16977 First National Bank of Dayton Dayton TX 1/3/96 Satisfactory
10624 The First National Bank Edgewood TX 1/16/96 Satisfactory
21944 Peoples National Bank-Paris Paris TX 11/30/95 Outstanding
4777 PointBank, N.A. Pilot Point TX 1/16/96 Satisfactory
17826 Somerset National Bank Somerset TX 1/23/96 Satisfactory
18548 TexStar National Bank Universal City TX 1/23/96 Satisfactory
18174 American Investment Bank, N.A. Salt Lake City UT 1/5/96 Satisfactory
21313 The Riggs National Bank of Virginia McLean VA 10/31/95 Satisfactory
18049 The Howard Bank, N.A. Burlington VT 9/30/95 Outstanding
1133 Woodstock National Bank Woodstock VT 9/11/95 Satisfactory
15158 First National Bank of Gillette Gillette WY 12/15/95 Outstanding