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CRA Performance Evaluations That Became Public to June 15, 1996 to July 14, 1996

You may click on the charter numbers of highlighted evaluations (those with yes in the last column) to download/view the complete evaluation. Documents are in WordPerfect format; all use the wp extension.

CharterBankCityStateDate EvaluationWeb?
9580 First National Bank of Ashland Ashland AL 4/8/96 SatisfactoryYes
7429 First National Bank of Brundidge Brundidge AL 4/18/96 SatisfactoryYes
9681 First National Bank of Dozier Dozier AL 4/19/96SatisfactoryYes
14553 Valley National BankLanettAL3/27/96Satisfactory Yes
18029 Western Sierra National Bank Cameron Park CA 3/14/96 SatisfactoryYes
18092 American Independent Bank, N.A. Gardena CA 4/30/96 SatisfactoryYes
17884 South Valley National BankGilroy CA 4/22/96 Satisfactory Yes
22031 El Camino National Bank Lompoc CA 5/1/96 Satisfactory No
15489 Riverside National Bank Riverside CA 4/17/96 SatisfactoryYes
11875 The Merchants National Bank of Sacramento Sacremento CA 4/19/96 Satisfactory Yes
17520 Saratoga National Bank Saratoga CA 4/16/96 Satisfactory Yes
8205 The First National Bank of Julesburg Julesburg CO 4/19/96 Satisfactory Yes
8511 The Canaan National Bank Canaan CT 3/8/96 Outstanding Yes
17278 Washington Century National Bank DC 2/13/96 Satisfactory Yes
22723 Cape Coral National Bank Cape Coral FL 4/26/96 Satisfactory Yes
17299 Sun Trust Bank, North Florida, N.A. Jacksonville FL 3/26/96 Outstanding Yes
21730 First National Bank of Osceola County Kissimmee FL 3/26/96 Satisfactory Yes
22008 Enterprise National Bank of Palm Beach Palm Beach FL 4/30/96 SatisfactoryYes
21618 Island National Bank & Trust Company Palm Beach FL 3/30/96 SatisfactoryYes
11833 First National Bank of Polk County Cedartown GA 4/24/96 Satisfactory Yes
21873 First National Bank of Baldwin County Milledgville GA 4/25/96 SatisfactoryYes
20939 Union National Bank Anita IA 5/6/96 Satisfactory Yes
6550 Pocahontas Liberty Bank and Trust, N.A. IA 5/3/96 Satisfactory Yes
18059 United National Bank of Iowa Sidney IA 5/8/96 Satisfactory Yes
15594 First of America Bank-Illinois, N.A. Bannockburn IL 3/31/96 Outstanding No
18356 National Bank of Commerce Berkeley IL 4/19/96 Satisfactory No
14450 LaSalle Northwest National Bank Chicago IL 5/1/96 Outstanding No
11443 First National Bank of Fairmount Fairmount IL 3/28/96 Satisfactory No
14385 The Peoples National Bank Grayville IL 3/7/96 Outstanding No
13611 Amcore Bank N.A., Mendota Mendota IL 4/29/96 Satisfactory No
15389 Community National Bank in Monmouth Monmouth IL 12/31/95 Satisfactory No
14662 First National Bank of Morton Grove Morton Grove IL 4/11/96 Satisfactory No
15655 First National Bank of Northbrook Northbrook IL 3/22/96 Satisfactory No
22865 Community Bank & Trust, N.A. Olney IL 2/22/96 Satisfactory No
14458 Farmer's-Merchants N. B. of Paxton Paxton IL 3/4/96 Outstanding No
5398 First National Bank of Rossville Rossville IL 4/1/96 Satisfactory No
13886 First Illinois National Bank Savanna IL 4/2/96 Satisfactory No
6907 First National Bank of Sumner Sumner IL 6/11/96 Satisfactory No
15225 First National Bank of Winnebago Winnebago IL 5/13/96 Satisfactory No
3755 Central National Bank and Trust Company Attica IN 2/26/96 Satisfactory No
5267 Riddell National Bank Brazil IN 3/5/96 Satisfactory No
13977 The Bright National Bank Flora IN 4/19/96 Satisfactory No
6433 The First National Bank of Mitchell Mitchell IN 2/7/96 Satisfactory No
18478 National Bank of Andover Andover KS 5/16/96 Satisfactory No
6797 The Condon National Bank of Coffeyville Coffeyville KS 4/17/96 Need to Improve No
16286 First National Bank Derby KS 5/3/96 Satisfactory Yes
6672 The Farmers National Bank of Lincoln Lincoln KS 5/9/96 Satisfactory No
22799 Community National Bank Topeka KS 4/5/96 Satisfactory No
22225 Campbellsville National Bank Campbellsville KY 4/15/96 Satisfactory No
5959 The First National Bank of Carlisle Carlisle KY 4/25/96 Satisfactory No
20068 Tri-County National Bank Corbin KY 3/20/96 Satisfactory No
22249 First Southern National Bank of Fayette County Lexington KY 4/25/96 Satisfactory No
22250 First Southern National Bank of Wayne County Monticello KY 4/5/96 Satisfactory No
2917 First Southern National Bank of Lincoln Co. Stanford KY 4/19/96 Satisfactory No
18162 First National Bank of Benton Benton LA 4/25/96 Satisfactory Yes
676 National Grand Bank of Marblehead Marblehead MA 4/18/96 SatisfactoryYes
7550 Woburn National Bank Woburn MA 2/29/96 Satisfactory Yes
2341 The Centreville National Bank Centreville MD 4/19/96 Satisfactory No
191 First of America Bank - Michigan, N.A. Grand Rapids MI 3/31/96 Outstanding No
14062 Hillsdale County National Bank Hillsdale MI 2/18/96 Satisfactory No
6293 First National Bank of Plainview Plainview MN 3/23/96 Satisfactory No
17462 Rosemount National Bank Rosemount MN 4/23/96 Satisfactory No
6417 First National Bank of Sauk Centre Sauk Centre MN 5/21/96 Outstanding Yes
1794 First National Bank of St. Peter ST. Peter MN 4/25/96 Outstanding No
3959 The First National Bank of Nevada, Missouri Nevada MO 5/14/96 Satisfactory No
8029 First National Bank & Trust Co. of Bottineau Bottineau ND 5/16/96 SatisfactoryYes
4173 The Albion National Bank Albion NE 5/17/96 OutstandingYes
2357 The First N. B. & Trust Co. of Beatrice Beatrice NE 4/30/96 SatisfactoryYes
18601 Charter West National Bank West Point NE 5/6/96 Satisfactory Yes
10823 First National Bank of Absecon Absecon NJ 5/2/96 Satisfactory No
15505 Security N.B. & Trust Co. of New Jersey Newark NJ 3/7/96 Needs to Improve Yes
18606 Sun National Bank Vineland NJ 3/28/96 Satisfactory No
16486 InterAmerica Bank, N.A. Albuquerque NM 2/15/96 Satisfactory No
1398 The National Bank of Coxsackie Coxsackie NY 3/31/96 Satisfactory No
13825 The National Bank of Florida Florida NY 4/10/96 Need to Improve Yes
5425 Liberty National Bank Ada OH 5/3/96 Outstanding No
21319 First National Community Bank East Liverpool OH 12/31/96 Satisfactory No
7187 The First National Bank of New Holland New Holland OH 4/11/96 Satisfactory No
13797 Van Wert National Bank Van Wert OH 12/31/95 Outstanding No
18545 First National Bank of Tuttle Tuttle OK 4/22/96 Satisfactory No
568 First National Bank of Berwick Berwick PA 4/11/96 Satisfactory Yes
3147 The National Bank of Malvern Malvern PA 4/9/96 SatisfactoryYes
8393 The Union National Bank of Mount Carmel Mount Carmel PA 5/1/96 Satisfactory Yes
9656 The New Tripoli National Bank New Tripoli PA 4/18/96 Satisfactory Yes
21037 Peoples National Bank Easley SC 12/31/95 Satisfactory Yes
22549 Retailers National Bank Sioux Falls SD 5/16/96 Satisfactory Yes
14611 Sun Trust Bank, Chattanooga, N.A. Chattanooga TN 3/11/96 Outstanding Yes
3248 First National Bank of Albany/Breckenridge Albany TX 4/25/96 SatisfactoryYes
4866 Commercial National Bank Beeville TX 4/11/96 SatisfactoryYes
15820 American Bank, N.A. Corpus Christi TX 4/11/96 Satisfactory Yes
14199 First National Bank in Dalhart Dalhart TX 4/22/96 Satisfactory No
12475 United States National Bank Galveston TX 4/29/96 Satisfactory Yes
12437 First National Bank of Graford Graford TX 4/19/96 Satisfactory No
4418 The First National Bank in Graham Graham TX 4/18/96 Satisfactory Yes
6922 First National Bank of Hughes Springs Hughes Springs TX 4/30/96 Satisfactory Yes
22837 Menard National Bank Menard TX 5/30/96 Satisfactory No
14371 Commercial National Bank Nacogdoches TX 4/24/96 SatisfactoryYes
5179 Frost National Bank San Antonio TX 4/29/96 OutstandingYes
4692 First National Bank of Whitewright Whitewright TX 4/29/96 SatisfactoryYes
20472 Windthorst National Bank Windthorst TX 5/8/96 Satisfactory No
22946 Premier Bank-Central, N.A. Honaker VA 5/3/96 OutstandingYes
22945 Premier Bank-South, N.A. Wytheville VA 5/3/96 SatisfactoryYes
3080 Factory Point National Bank Manchester Center VT 3/28/96 SatisfactoryYes
1195 National Bank of Middlebury Middlebury VT 2/13/96 Outstanding Yes
8671 First National Bank of Hartford Hartford WI 12/21/95 Outstanding No
11826 Pioneer National Bank of Ladysmith Ladysmith WI 4/23/96 Satisfactory No
14616 Superior National Bank Superior WI 5/3/96 SatisfactoryYes
4643 First Century Bank, N.A. Bluefield WV 4/29/96 SatisfactoryYes
16433 One Valley Bank, N.A. Charleston WV 12/31/95 OutstandingYes
9610 Mountain Valley Bank, N.A. Elkins WV 3/31/96 Satisfactory Yes
15076 First National Bank of Pinedale Pinedale WY 4/10/96 Satisfactory Yes
4755 Rock Springs National Bank Rock Springs WY 5/9/96 Satisfactory Yes