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CRA Information:

CRA Performance Evaluations Available Electronically for Download/Viewing

The evaluations with hyperlinked charter numbers are available for download/viewing/printing in Adobe's portable document format (PDF).

Charter#Bank NameCityStateEval DateRatingExamination
13752 (PDF) The Headland National Bank Headland AL 3/18/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
23896 (PDF) Alabama Trust Bank, N.A. Sylacauga AL 5/22/2007 Satisfactory Small Bank
23937 (PDF) The National Bank of Georgia Athens GA 1/28/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
16487 (PDF) First National Bank of Chatsworth Chatsworth GA 2/12/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
6684 (PDF) The First National Bank of Grand Ridge Grand Ridge IL 3/31/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
14510 (PDF) National Bank Hillsboro IL 1/3/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
11754 (PDF) The First National Bank of Okawville Okawville IL 4/2/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
14437 (PDF) First National bank of Steeleville Steeleville IL 4/15/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
12955 (PDF) Citizens N.B. of Greater St. Louis Maplewood MO 12/10/2007 Satisfactory Intermediate Small Bank
11008 (PDF) Ruby Valley National Bank Twin Bridges MT 2/26/2008 Outstanding Small Bank
13044 (PDF) Bank of America, N.A. Charlotte NC 12/31/2006 Outstanding Large Bank
22849 (PDF) Nebraska National Bank Kearney NE 4/7/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
15623 (PDF) First National Bank Schuyler NE 3/31/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
14141 (PDF) Brookville National Bank Brookville OH 1/7/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
16405 (PDF) Quail Creek Bank, N.A. Oklahoma City OK 3/6/2008 Outstanding Intermediate Small Bank
18430 (PDF) First National Bank and Trust Company Shawnee OK 3/3/2008 Outstanding Small Bank
12094 (PDF) The First Farmers National Bank of Waurika Waurika OK 4/7/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
11058 (PDF) Columbia County Farmers National Bank Bloomsburg PA 3/10/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
8930 (PDF) The First National Bank of Palmerton Palmerton PA 2/11/2008 Outstanding Large Bank
148 (PDF) First National Bank of Chester County West Chester PA 3/3/2008 Satisfactory Large Bank
23953 (PDF) First National Bank of The South Spartanburg SC 3/10/2008 Satisfactory Intermediate Small Bank
16320 (PDF) American Bank, National Association Dallas TX 1/9/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank
15593 (PDF) Hometown Bank, N.A. Galveston TX 2/19/2008 Outstanding Small Bank
13443 (PDF) Citizens Matopma; Bank Henderson TX 2/27/2008 Satisfactory Large Bank
17479 (PDF) Amegy Bank, N.A. Houston TX 4/2/2007 Satisfactory Large Bank
9343 (PDF) American National Bank and Trust Co. Danville VA 3/3/2008 Outstanding Intermediate Small Bank
21610 (PDF) First National Bank Waupaca WI 1/22/2008 Satisfactory Intermediate Small Bank
9721 (PDF) First National Bank of Peterstown Peterstown WV 3/24/2008 Satisfactory Small Bank