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CRA Performance Evaluations Available Electronically for Download/Viewing

The evaluations with yes in the last column are available for download/viewing/printing in Adobe's portable document format (PDF).

Charter#Bank NameCityState Eval DateRatingExamination
9550 Farmers National Bank Opelika AL 02/23/1998 Outstanding Yes
9354 The First National Bank of Lewisville Lewisville AR 04/08/1998 Satisfactory Yes
23162 Borrego Springs Bank, N.A. Borrego Springs CA 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
17220 Mercantile National Bank Los Angeles CA 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
16154 Delta National Bank Manteca CA 12/31/1997 Satisfactory Yes
23006 Asian Pacific National Bank San Gabriel CA 02/17/1998 Satisfactory Yes
17785 United National Bank San Marino CA 01/12/1998 Needs to Improve Yes
10901 The Citizens National Ban of Akron Akron CO 03/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
11504 The First National Bank of Limon Limon CO 02/06/1998 Satisfactory Yes
9117 Rocky Ford National Bank Rocky Ford CO 03/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
16321 Clewiston National Bank Clewiston FL 01/12/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22311 First National Bank of Polk County Winter Haven FL 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22035 Community National Bank Ashburn GA 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22327 First National Bank of Coffee County Douglas GA 03/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
14040 First Community National Bank Corning IA 04/13/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22286 American Bank, N.A. LeMars IA 03/30/1998 Satisfactory Yes
6771 The First National Bank of Logan Logan IA 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
12998 First National Bank in New Hampton New Hampton IA 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
3124 The Security National Bank of Sioux City Sioux City IA 03/10/1998 Satisfactory Yes
10034 The Citizens First National Bank of Storm Lake Storm Lake IA 03/10/1998 Satisfactory Yes
14688 Albany Bank and Trust Company, N.A. Chicago IL 03/06/1998 Satisfactory Yes
12000 The First National Bank of Coulterville Coulterville IL 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
13977 The Bright National Bank Flora IN 01/20/1998 Satisfactory Yes
7375 The Citizens National Bank of Tell City Tell City IN 12/15/1997 Satisfactory Yes
6797 The Condon National Bank of Coffeyville Coffeyville KS 03/30/1998 Needs to Improve Yes
3509 Citizens Bank of Kansas, N.A. Kingman KS 03/09/1998 Outstanding Yes
5559 The First National Bank of Southern Kansas Mount Hope KS 03/17/1998 Satisfactory Yes
23069 Peoples National Bank Overland Park KS 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
7815 The Stockton National Bank Stockton KS 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
8114 First National Bank of Syracuse Syracuse KS 02/23/1998 Outstanding Yes
2927 First National Bank & Trust Company Georgetown KY 12/31/1997 Satisfactory Yes
13651 The New Farmers National Bank od Glasgow Glasgow KY 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
13983 Ohio Valley National Bank Henderson KY 01/27/1998 Satisfactory Yes
2498 National Bank of Cambridge Cambridge MD 12/31/1997 Satisfactory Yes
11051 First National Bank of Niagara Niagara MI 04/06/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5393 The First National Bank of Blue Earth Blue Earth MN 02/17/1998 Satisfactory Yes
13405 U.S. Bank, N.A. Minneapolis MN 04/08/1998 Satisfactory No
15309 First National Bank of the Lakes Navarre MN 02/17/1998 Satisfactory Yes
13936 UMB Bank, N.A. Kansas City MO 11/17/1998 Satisfactory Yes
13837 Western Bank of Chinook, N.A. Chinook MT 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22328 Wilkes National Bank Wilkesboro NC 12/31/1997 Satisfactory Yes
3960 The First National Bank of Albion Albion NE 03/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5384 The Fullerton National Bank Fullerton NE 02/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
7239 National Bank of Commerce Trust &Savings Assoc. Lincoln NE 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
14374 First National Bank in Ogallala Ogallala NE 03/06/1998 Satisfactory Yes
20500 Commerce Bank, N.A. Omaha NE 02/25/1998 Needs to Improve Yes
9191 The Stockmens National Bank of Rushville Rushville NE 03/02/1998 Outstanding Yes
12450 The National Bank of Geneva Geneva NY 01/05/1998 Satisfactory Yes
4495 The National Bank of Delaware County Walton NY 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
8852 First National Bank of Texhoma Texhoma OK 02/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
2252 Community Banks, N.A. Millersburg PA 09/30/1997 Satisfactory Yes
10085 First National South Marion SC 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22995 Beach First National Bank Myrtle Beach SC 12/31/1997 Satisfactory Yes
12488 First National Bank in Garretson Garretson SD 03/30/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5263 First Citizens National Bank Dyersburg TN 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
20065 Addison National Bank Addison TX 03/05/1998 Satisfactory Yes
23451 First National Bank of Amarillo Amarillo TX 02/18/1998 Satisfactory Yes
20416 Citizens National Bank BenBrook TX 03/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5484 Citizens National Bank of Miliam County Cameron TX 03/31/1998 Satisfactory Yes
14302 Stockmens National Bank in Cotulla Cotulla TX 03/16/1998 Satisfactory Yes
21969 Bank One, Texas, N.A. Dallas TX 10/31/1997 Satisfactory No
12475 United States National Bank Galveston TX 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
17010 Mid-Cities National Bank Hurst TX 03/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
16686 South Texas National Bank of Laredo Laredo TX 03/20/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5001 The Laredo National Bank Laredo TX 03/20/1998 Satisfactory Yes
23117 State National Bank of West Texas Lubbock TX 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
18068 McAllen National Bank McAllen TX 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5179 Frost National Bank San Antonio TX 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5737 First National Bank of Trenton Trenton TX 03/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22983 Peoples National Bank Danville VA 04/03/1998 Satisfactory Yes
10834 Grayson National Bank Independence VA 03/09/1998 Outstanding Yes
16523 Northwest National Bank Vancouver WA 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
11114 The First National Bank of Blanchardville Blanchardville WI 03/20/1998 Outstanding Yes
23125 Associated Card Services Bank, N.A. Stevens Point WI 03/11/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5903 Greenbrier Valley National Bank Lewisburg WV 03/31/1998 Satisfactory Yes