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CRA Performance Evaluations Available Electronically for Download/Viewing

The evaluations with yes in the last column are available for download/viewing/printing in Adobe's portable document format (PDF).

Charter#Bank NameCityState Eval DateRatingExamination
7746 First National Bank of Jasper Jasper AL 02/03/1998 Satisfactory No
14731 First National Bank of Altheimer Altheimer AR 02/05/1998 Satisfactory Yes
14818 One National Bank Little Rock AR 03/05/1998 Satisfactory Yes
17367 De Anza National Bank Riverside CA 01/12/1998 Satisfactory Yes
13044 Bank of America, NT&SA San Francisco CA 09/30/1997 Outstanding Yes
21982 Metro Commerce Bank, N.A. San Rafael CA 12/31/1997 Satisfactory Yes
16465 FirstBank of Boulder, N.A. Boulder CO 11/14/1997 Satisfactory Yes
20534 FirstBank of Breckenridge, N.A. Breckenridge CO 01/12/1998 Satisfactory Yes
15170 Colorado Springs National Bank Colorado Springs CO 02/24/1998 Satisfactory Yes
20967 FirstBank of Cherry Creek, N.A. Denver CO 12/12/1997 Satisfactory Yes
8636 The First National Bank of Johnstown Johnstown CO 02/19/1998 Satisfactory Yes
8004 The Palisades National Bank Palisades CO 02/18/1998 Satisfactory Yes
17948 FirstBank of Silverthorne, N.A. Silverthorne CO 01/06/1998 Satisfactory Yes
20903 FirstBank North, N.A. Westminster CO 12/17/1997 Satisfactory Yes
15763 FirstBank of Wheat Ridge, N.A. Wheat Ridge CO 12/18/1997 Outstanding Yes
15268 The International Bank of Miami, N.A. Miami FL 01/29/1998 Satisfactory Yes
14046 The National Bank of Walton County Monroe GA 10/08/1997 Satisfactory No
21549 Mountain National Bank Tucker GA 02/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
21836 First National Bank of Cherokee Woodstock GA 02/20/1998 Satisfactory Yes
7322 The First National Bank of Akron Akron IA 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
14362 LaSalle National Bank Chicago IL 12/30/1997 Satisfactory No
14649 Park National Bank and Trust Chicago IL 02/18/1998 Satisfactory Yes
16593 Columbia National Bank Columbia IL 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5856 The First National Bank of Gilman Gilman IL 02/17/1998 Satisfactory Yes
11882 The First National Bank of Homer Homer IL 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
4759 The Dulaney National Bank of Marshall Marshall IL 02/10/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22869 Firstar Bank U.S.A., N.A. Waukegan IL 11/17/1997 Satisfactory No
13650 Security National Bank Witt IL 02/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
18478 National Bank of Andover Andover KS 12/23/1997 Satisfactory Yes
22644 First National Bank of Kansas Overland KS 01/20/1998 Satisfactory Yes
6229 First National Bank in Pratt Pratt KS 02/17/1998 Satisfactory Yes
12168 The First National Bank of Tribune Tribune KS 02/06/1998 Satisfactory Yes
3091 The First National Bank in Wellington Wellington KS 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
12346 Southwest National Bank of Wichita Wichita KS 02/19/1998 Satisfactory Yes
11348 The First National Bank of Russell Springs Russell Springs KY 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
13688 Hibernia National Bank New Orleans LA 02/13/1998 Satisfactory No
7957 The Edgartown National Bank Edgartown MA 02/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
8756 The First National Bank of Battle Lake Battle Lake MN 03/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
7427 Stearns Bank Canby, N.A. Canby MN 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5423 Martin County National Bank Fairmont MN 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
9262 The First National Bank of Gilbert Gilbert MN 02/17/1998 Satisfactory Yes
23001 Magna Bank, N.A. Brentwood MO 07/18/1997 Satisfactory Yes
23172 Mercantile Bank, N.A. St. Louis MO 06/30/1997 Satisfactory Yes
16500 Consumer National Bank Jackson MS 12/31/1997 Outstanding Yes
7043 The First National Bank in Artesia Artesia NM 02/20/1998 Satisfactory Yes
15108 Los Alamos National Bank Los Alamos NM 12/18/1997 Satisfactory Yes
980 Evergreen Bank, N.A. Glens Falls NY 11/20/1997 Satisfactory Yes
1083 The First National Bank of Groton Groton NY 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
10216 The Citizens National Bank of Hammond Hammond NY 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
20547 Delta National Bank & Trust Co. of New York New York NY 12/31/1997 Satisfactory Yes
14294 The First National Bank in New Bremen New Bremen OH 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
18764 Capital Bank, N.A. Sylvania OH 12/29/1997 Satisfactory Yes
916 Champaign National Bank and Trust Urbana OH 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
1997 The National Bank & Trust Company Wilmington OH 02/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
11001 The First National Bank & Trust Co. of Okmulgee Okmulgee OK 02/12/1998 Satisfactory Yes
18427 Tulsa National Bank Tulsa OK 01/12/1998 Satisfactory Yes
7702 Peoples National Bank of Susquehanna County Hallstead PA 02/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
324 First National Bank & Trust Company of Newtown Newtown PA 01/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
10660 National Bank of South Carolinia Columbia SC 10/28/1997 Satisfactory No
10680 First National Bank of South Carolina Holly Hill SC 02/25/1998 Satisfactory Yes
4166 First National Bank of Abilene Abilene TX 01/22/1998 Satisfactory Yes
17967 Panola National Bank Carthage TX 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
12795 First National Bank in Cisco Cisco TX 03/03/1998 Satisfactory Yes
13595 First Coleman National Bank Coleman TX 02/19/1998 Satisfactory Yes
18479 First National Bank Haskell TX 03/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
7814 Jacksboro National Bank Jacksboro TX 03/05/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5127 First National Bank of Mineola Mineola TX 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
12556 East Texas National Bank Palestine TX 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
21944 Peoples National Bank Paris TX 02/23/1998 Satisfactory Yes
16555 Canyon Creek National Bank Richardson TX 02/27/1998 Satisfactory Yes
12756 First National Bank of Rosenburg Rosenburg TX 08/18/1997 Satisfactory Yes
21015 Cattleman's National Bank Round Mountain TX 03/02/1998 Satisfactory Yes
3785 Hibernia National Bank of Texas Texarkana TX 02/13/1998 Satisfactory No
18174 American Investment Bank, N.A. Salt Lake City UT 12/31/1997 Satisfactory Yes
16613 Patrick Henry National Bank Bassett VA 02/27/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22984 Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. Floyd VA 02/12/1998 Satisfactory Yes
23084 Mountain National Bank Galax VA 02/27/1998 Satisfactory Yes
23087 Central National Bank Lynchburg VA 02/27/1998 Satisfactory Yes
16406 First National Bank of Rocky Mount Rocky Mount VA 02/27/1998 Satisfactory Yes
22982 Community National Bank South Boston VA 02/27/1998 Satisfactory Yes
23088 Patriot Bank, N.A. Stafford VA 02/27/1998 Satisfactory Yes
23085 Shenandoah National Bank Staunton VA 02/27/1998 Satisfactory Yes
14060 The First National Bank & Trust Co. of Baraboo Baraboo WI 03/06/1998 Satisfactory Yes
4975 First National Bank in Manitowac Manitowac WI 02/09/1998 Satisfactory Yes
9721 First National Bank of Peterstown Peterstown WV 03/10/1998 Satisfactory Yes
5226 The First National Bank of St. Marys St. Marys WV 03/06/1998 Satisfactory Yes