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CRA Performance Evaluations Available Electronically for Download/Viewing

The evaluations with hyperlinked charter numbers are available for download/viewing/printing in Adobe's portable document format (PDF).

Charter#Bank NameCityState Eval DateRatingExamination
17220 Mercantile National Bank Los Angeles CA 7/29/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
23006 Asian Pacific National Bank San Gabriel CA 5/6/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
8433 Fremont National Bank of Canon City Canon City CO 8/13/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
15592 Air Academy National Bank Colorado Springs CO 7/1/2002 Outstanding Large Bank
21878 Clear Creek National Bank Georgetown CO 5/21/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
23781 United Americas Bank, N.A. Atlanta GA 9/9/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
14911 Hawaii National Bank Honolulu HI 4/15/2002 Satisfactory Large Bank
13609 First Newton National Bank Newton IA 8/26/2002 Outstanding Small Bank
4155 The First National Bank of Ptimghar Primghar IA 8/16/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
16601 First National Bank of Marengo Marengo IL 4/29/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
3885 Emprise Bank, N.A. Hays KS 8/7/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
7125 First National Bank & Trust Co. in Larned Larned KS 8/26/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
8435 The Berea National Bank Berea KY 8/5/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
23434 Kentucky National Bank Elizabeth KY 6/10/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
5393 First National Bank of Blue Earth Blue Earth MN 7/29/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
13713 First National Bank in Cannon Falls Cannon Falls MN 7/29/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
9262 The First National Bank of Gilbert Gilbert MN 7/29/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
13561 The Klein National Bank of Madison Madison MN 7/29/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
11125 The First National Bank of Proctor Proctor MN 7/29/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
2881 The First National Bank of Audrain County Mexico MO 3/12/2002 Outstanding Large Bank
13790 Alerus Financial, National Association Grand Forks ND 6/17/2002 Satisfactory Large Bank
7836 The Stanton National Bank Stanton NE 7/15/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
568 The First National Bank of Berwick Berwick PA 2/25/2002 Outstanding Large Bank
11058 Columbia County Farmers National Bank Bloomsburg PA 7/29/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
9868 First National Community Bank Dunmore PA 2/19/2002 Satisfactory Large Bank
7702 Peoples National Bank of Susquehanna Co. Hallstead PA 3/19/2002 Satisfactory Large Bank
13982 The Herndon National Bank Herndon PA 4/22/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
6534 The Jim Thorpe National Bank Jim Thorpe PA 3/28/2002 Outstanding Small Bank
8326 The First National Bank of Liverpool Liverpool PA 7/29/2002 Outstanding Small Bank
8930 The First National Bank of Palmerton Palmerton PA 2/7/2002 Satisfactory Large Bank
23068 Valley Bank, N.A. Elk Point SD 7/29/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
22764 First National Bank South Dakota Yankton SD 7/15/2002 Satisfactory Large Bank
12739 The First National Bank of Evant Evant TX 9/5/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
5741 Gilmer National Bank Gilmer TX 8/13/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
12968 Kleberg First National Bank of Kingsville Kingsville TX 8/19/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
13934 First-Lockhart National Bank Lockhart TX 9/9/2002 Outstanding Small Bank
5127 The First National Bank of Mineola Mineola TX 9/3/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
5774 The First National Bank of Moody Moody TX 9/16/2002 Outstanding Small Bank
8694 The Yoakum National Bank Yoakum TX 8/12/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
23868 Hometown National Bank Longview WA 8/27/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
22769 Prime Pacific Bank, N.A. Lynnwood WA 4/8/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
17257 Central Valley Bank, N.A. Toppenish WA 5/22/2002 Outstanding Small Bank
14801 Red Cedar Bank, N.A. Boyceville WI 1/14/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank
4137 The Stephenson National Bank & Trust Marinette WI 8/5/2002 Satisfactory Small Bank