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CRA Performance Evaluations Available Electronically for Download/Viewing

The evaluations with hyperlinked charter numbers are available for download/viewing/printing in Adobe's portable document format (PDF).

Charter#Bank NameCityState Eval DateRatingExamination
23195 Forrest City Bank, N.A. Forrest City AR 05/11/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
6680 Simmons First National Bank Pine Bluff AR 05/04/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
15608 Fidelity National Bank of West Memphis West Memphis AR 06/08/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
18092 American Independent Bank, N.A. Gardena CA 05/18/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
18175 The First National Bank of Akron Akron CO 07/06/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
8752 First Pioneer National Bank Wray CO 06/08/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
12594 The Citizens National Bank Putnam CT 06/01/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
8725 Okey-Vernon First National Bank Corning IA 06/22/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
13697 First National Bank Iowa Iowa City IA 04/13/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
5778 The First National Bank of Oelwein Oelwein IA 05/26/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
14479 Buena Vista National Bank of Chester Chester IL 07/17/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
8 The First National Bank of Chicago Chicago IL 11/03/1997 Satisfactory Large Bank
7379 The First National Bank Mulberry Grove IL 05/18/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
3779 The First National Bank in Belleville Belleville KS 06/08/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
22988 Citizens National Bank and Trust Hazard Ky 03/31/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
9651 Broadway National Bank Chelsea MA 03/23/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
17694 First Community National Bank Cuba MO 06/17/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
3959 The First National Bank of Nevada, Missouri Nevada MO 06/01/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
14128 South Side National Bank in St. Louis St. Louis MO 04/13/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
9040 First National Bank of Pontotoc Pontotoc MS 05/26/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
8161 The First National Bank of Johnson Johnson NE 07/06/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
23097 DSRM National Bank Albuquerque NM 05/11/1998 Needs to Improve Limited Purpose Bank
2151 Wilber National Bank Oneonta NY 04/06/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
14473 The First National Bank of Nelsonville Nelsonville OH 07/06/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
23344 Signal Bank, N.A. Wooster OH 03/31/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
5656 First National Bank of Mountain View Mountain View OK 06/12/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
17457 National Bank of Commerce Oklahoma City OK 06/29/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
9987 The Shattuck National Bank Shattuck OK 07/20/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
18368 State Bank & Trust, N.A. Tulsa OK 04/06/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
21060 Pioneer Trust Bank, N.A. Salem OR 06/15/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
6158 The First National Bank of Jermyn Jermyn PA 03/30/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
649 Heritage National Bank Pottsville PA 04/27/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
2333 Union National Bank and Trust Company Souderton PA 02/23/1998 Outstanding Large Bank
10637 First National Bank in Philip Philip SD 04/27/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
14905 First National Bank of Alvin Alvin TX 06/12/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
14206 Amarillo National Bank Amarillo TX 03/30/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
23512 Citizens National Bank of Childress Childress TX 06/01/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
17324 First National Bank Groesbeck TX 07/09/1998 Outstanding Small Bank
18060 Jefferson National Bank Jefferson TX 06/08/1998 Needs to Improve Small Bank
7098 Mason National Bank Mason TX 06/08/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
17862 First Commercial Bank, N.A. Seguin TX 05/26/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
23467 One Valley Bank Central Virginia, N.A. Lynchburg VA 03/30/1998 Satisfactory Large Bank
4643 First Century Bank, N.A. Bluefield WV 03/31/1998 Satisfactory Small Bank
10265 First National Bank & Trust Powell WY 06/01/1998 Outstanding Small Bank