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CRA Performance Evaluations Available Electronically for Download/Viewing

The evaluations with hyperlinked charter numbers are available for download/viewing/printing in Adobe's portable document format (PDF).

Charter#Bank NameCityState Eval DateRatingExamination
16553 Commonwealth National Bank Mobile AL 6/2/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
14389 The First National Bank in Blytheville Blytheville AR 1/6/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
8763 First National Bank of Springdale Springdale AR 4/7/2003 Satisfactory Large Bank
23162 Borrego Springs Bank, N.A. Borrego Springs CA 5/5/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
16240 Los Angeles National Bank Buena Park CA 5/5/2003 Outstanding Small Bank
23950 Chino Commercial Bank, N.A. Chino CA 5/5/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
17546 Harbor National Bank Dana Point CA 5/5/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
18383 International City Bank, N.A. Long Beach CA 5/5/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
18242 Inland Empire National Bank Riverside CA 5/5/2003 Outstanding Small Bank
17785 United National Bank San Marino CA 5/5/2003 Satisfactory Large Bank
17548 Bank of Whittier, N.A. Whittier CA 5/5/2003 Needs to Improve Small Bank
14833 First National Bank, Cortez Cortez CO 6/30/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
8489 First National Bank of Hugo Hugo CO 6/2/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
14222 The First National Bank in Trinidad Trinidad CO 6/30/2003 Outstanding Small Bank
24095 MBNA America (Delaware), N.A. Wilmington DE 4/7/2003 Satisfactory Large Bank
15268 International Bank of Miami, N.A. Coral Gables FL 4/14/2003 Satisfactory Large Bank
4920 The First National Bank of Decatur Decatur IL 4/28/2003 Satisfactory Large Bank
14008 Castle Bank, N.A. DeKalb IL 1/13/2003 Outstanding Large Bank
3216 The First National Bank of Girard Girard KS 6/17/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
10789 The Citizens National Bank Greenleaf KS 5/13/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
7911 The Marion National Bank Marion KS 6/16/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
3855 The First National Bank of Sedan Sedan KS 6/9/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
7605 The First National Bank of Manchester Manchester KY 5/19/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
14977 Whitney National Bank New Orleans LA 1/6/2003 Outstanding Large Bank
22107 Franklin Bank, N.A. Southfield MI 1/21/2003 Satisfactory Large Bank
13116 Western National Bank Duluth MN 5/12/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
13350 Community National Bank Northfield MN 3/31/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
21857 Citizens National Bank of Springfield Springfield MO 5/16/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
5827 Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri, N.A. Unionville MO 6/2/2003 Outstanding Small Bank
15460 The National Bank of Harvey Harvey ND 3/18/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
2683 Cornerstone Bank, N.A. York NE 4/9/2003 Satisfactory Large Bank
12450 The National Bank of Geneva Geneva NY 4/10/2003 Outstanding Large Bank
10216 The Citizens National Bank of Hammond Hammond NY 6/16/2003 Outstanding Small Bank
14709 Stebbins National Bank of Creston Creston OH 5/15/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
11306 The First National Bank of Nash Nash OK 6/10/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
23982 Islands Community Bank, N.A. Beaufort SC 7/7/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
12838 First National Bank in Brookings Brookings SD 1/7/2003 Satisfactory Large Bank
14351 The Hondo National Bank Hondo TX 5/29/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
17479 Southwest Bank of Texas, N.A. Houston TX 5/5/2003 Outstanding Large Bank
18068 McAllen National Bank McAllen TX 6/9/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
5325 The First National Bank of Saint Jo Saint Jo TX 6/2/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank
5466 The First National Bank of Sonora Sonora TX 6/2/2003 Satisfactory Small Bank