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Article Archives: Affordable Housing - Single-Family

Foreclosure Prevention: Improving Contact with Buyers Community Developments Insights June 2007

Understanding Employer Assisted Mortgage Programs: A Primer for National Banks Community Developments Insights August 2007

A Place to Call Home: Financing Affordable Housing in Rural America Community Developments Summer 2002

Building Assets and Homeownership Alliances in Rural America Community Developments Spring 2003

Effective Strategies for Community Development Finance
(2001): This OCC publication presents strategies that have helped banks engage effectively in community development (CD) finance. Single family financing strategies are described on pages 9-18.

Good for Banks, Good for Rural America: Partnering with NeighborWorks Organizations Community Developments Spring 2003

Greenlining Homeownership Community Developments Summer 2001

Helping Rural Customers Reach HomeAtLast Community Developments Spring 2003

Rural Housing Initiatives at Work Community Developments Spring 2003

When Urban Meets Rural: How Bank-CDC Partnerships Solve Housing Problems Community Developments Spring 2003