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General Information About Public Welfare Investments

OCC conducts best practice research and highlights examples of public welfare investments and community development best practices related to national bank and thrift investments. Those examples are described in the following Community Development Investments E-Zines, Community Developments newsletters, fact sheets, and Insights Reports.

Community Developments Investments Newsletters

Expanding Internet Access: Bank Financing for Rural Broadband Initiatives (November 2018): This edition of Community Developments Investments highlights how national banks and federal savings associations can help rural communities across the nation gain reliable, high-speed internet access through the development of broadband networks.

Expanding Housing Opportunities: Single-Family Rehabilitation Financing Programs (February 2018). Learn how banks are revitalizing communities by leveraging federal and government sponsored enterprise loan programs as well as tax credits to support community rehabilitation financing initiatives.

Multifamily Housing Preservation: Innovative Partnerships (March 2017): This newsletter describes the innovative approaches that national banks and federal savings associations are using to help preserve the nation's supply of affordable multifamily rental properties, ranging from predevelopment financing to new debt products and mission-driven equity investment structures.

Financing Health Care Centers: Supporting Community Wellness (June 2016). Articles discuss partnerships banks are forming to help finance the construction and expansion of community health centers. The articles provide an overview of the financing environment and describe the tools available to banks interested in health center financing.

Financing Business Development and Expansion in Rural America (November 2013): This issue focuses on initiatives that have allowed banks to expand their financing for small business development in rural areas across America.

Investing in Wind Energy Using the Public Welfare Investment Authority (Fall 2013): This issue examines how banks can be a source of financing for facilities that generate renewable wind energy.

Investing in Solar Energy Using the Public Welfare Investment Authority (July 2011): This issue highlights the innovative investments national banks have made in solar energy-producing facilities using their public welfare investment authority.

Public Welfare Investments: A Catalyst for Community Development (Fall 2010) The articles in this issue highlight community development investing in the common types of public welfare investments; compare the public welfare investment authority provisions with CRA; and explain the public welfare investment submission process, as well as documentation requirements for public welfare investments.

Fact Sheets on Public Welfare Investment and Related Investment Topics

Insights Reports on Public Welfare Investment Topics


Revitalizing Communities Using the Public Welfare Investment Authority Video - This brief video describes the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's role in administering the Public Welfare Investment Authority and encouraging participation in the New Markets Tax Credit program.


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02/27/2013  NR 2013-34, Comptroller Speaks to Members of the National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders