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CRA Performance Evaluations: January 1997

Charter# Bank Name City State Eval Date Rating Examination
22907 National Bank of Commerce Tuscaloosa AL 11/6/96 Satisfactory Yes
11312 First National Bank of Lawrence County Walnut Ridge AR 9/30/96 Satisfactory Yes
21371 Merchants Bank of California, N.A. Carson CA 9/12/96 Satisfactory Yes
17298 High Desert National Bank Hesperia CA 10/24/96 Satisfactory Yes
22394 Founders National Bank of Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 9/26/96 Satisfactory Yes
22040 Mojave Desert Bank, N.A. Mojave CA 10/8/96 Satisfactory Yes
18156 Monument National Bank Ridgecrest CA 8/28/96 Satisfactory Yes
17176 Mission National Bank San Francisco CA 8/12/96 Satisfactory Yes
18541 National Bank of Redwoods Santa Rosa CA 10/18/96 Outstanding Yes
3269 Norwest Bank Colorado, N.A. Denver CO 10/24/96 Outstanding Yes
17478 First National Bank of Greeley Greeley CO 11/1/96 Satisfactory Yes
17801 First National Bank of Lake City &Creede Lake City CO 10/16/96 Satisfactory Yes
23160 Chase Manhattan Bank USA, N.A. Wilmington DE 10/8/96 Satisfactory No
21591 First Mercantile National Bank Longwood FL 10/26/96 Satisfactory Yes
16776 Hemisphere National Bank Miami FL 11/1/96 Satisfactory Yes
22042 First National Bank of South Georgia Albany GA 10/24/96 Satisfactory No
9183 First National Bank of Arenzville Arenzville IL 10/21/96 Satisfactory Yes
4596 Old Second National Bank of Aurora Aurora IL 9/26/96 Outstanding Yes
14402 The Belvedere National Bank and Trust Company Belvedere IL 9/20/96 Satisfactory Yes
14399 National Republic Bank of Chicago Chicago IL 3/27/96 Satisfactory Yes
5815 Resource Bank, N.A. DeKalb IL 10/15/96 Satisfactory Yes
14618 First National Bank of Evergreen Park Evergreen Park IL 9/11/96 Satisfactory Yes
18553 First Eagle National Bank Hanover Park IL 9/26/96 Satisfactory No
6133 First National Bnak of Ivesdale Ivesdale IL 10/30/96 Satisfactory Yes
16601 First National Bank of Marengo Marengo IL 11/7/96 Satisfactory Yes
4400 National Bank of Monmouth Monmouth IL 9/11/96 Outstanding Yes
13809 First National Bank in Paxton Paxton IL 2/22/93 Satisfactory Yes
13682 The First National Bank in Toledo Toledo IL 10/5/96 Satisfactory Yes
14226 Knisely National Bank Butler IN 10/10/96 Satisfactory Yes
5997 The First National Bank of Dana Dana IN 4/23/96 Satisfactory Yes
3231 The First National Bank of Beloit Beloit KS 10/18/96 Satisfactory Yes
6101 The First National Bank of Kansas Burlington KS 11/7/96 Outstanding Yes
6120 Emprise Bank, National Association Hillsboro KS 11/19/96 Satisfactory Yes
10982 The First National Bank of Quinter Quinter KS 10/18/96 Satisfactory Yes
18394 Community National Bank Seneca KS 11/1/96 Outstanding Yes
3218 The First National Bank of Winfield Winfield KS 8/15/96 Satisfactory Yes
7497 The Lawrenceburg National Bank Lawrenceburg KY 9/30/96 Satisfactory Yes
13763 The First National Bank of Paintsville Paintsville KY 11/22/96 Satisfactory Yes
17735 Progressive National Bank of DeSota Parish Mansfield LA 10/25/96 Satisfactory Yes
15801 First Independence National Bank of Detroit Detroit MI 2/29/96 Satisfactory Yes
6991 The Miners National Bank of Eveleth Eveleth MN 10/24/96 Satisfactory Yes
14991 University National Bank St. Paul MN 10/24/96 Outstanding No
16976 Bank of Brookfield-Purdin, N.A. Brookfield MO 11/13/96 Satisfactory Yes
1770 The Boone County National Bank of Columbia Columbia MO 10/4/96 Outstanding No
15397 First National Bank of Eureka Eureka MT 9/9/96 Satisfactory Yes
8589 First National Bank of Whitefish Whitefish MT 9/9/96 Satisfactory Yes
3057 The First National Bank & Trust Co. of Minden Minden NE 10/31/96 Satisfactory Yes
15435 American National Bank Omaha NE 11/4/96 Outstanding Yes
18765 American National Bank of Sarpy County Papillion NE 11/25/96 Outstanding Yes
2780 First National Bank of Wahoo Wahoo NE 10/25/96 Satisfactory Yes
7861 The First National Bank of Wilcox Wilcox NE 10/30/96 Satisfactory Yes
2600 Lancaster National Bank Lancaster NH 10/24/96 Satisfactory Yes
20468 Chase Manhattan Bank USA, N.A. Jericho NY 9/5/96 Satisfactory No
12810 Savannah Bank, N.A. Savannah NY 10/24/96 Satisfactory Yes
22611 Waterhouse National Bank White Plains NY 10/29/96 Satisfactory No
14761 Key Bank National Association Cleveland OH 8/26/96 Outstanding Yes
22908 Key Bank USA, N.A. Cleveland OH 7/31/96 Outstanding Yes
7745 The Huntington National Bank Columbus OH 10/17/96 Satisfactory No
7518 Community First Bank, N.A. Forest OH 9/24/96 Satisfactory Yes
22765 Commerce Bank/Harrisburg, N.A. Camp Hill PA 10/4/96 Satisfactory No
8783 First National Bank of Fredericksburg Fredericksburg PA 10/7/96 Satisfactory Yes
5599 The Mars National Bank Mars PA 9/17/96 Satisfactory Yes
11866 First National Bank & Trust Co. Waynesboro PA 10/15/96 Satisfactory No
20508 Big Lake Bank,N.A. Big Lake TX 10/22/96 Satisfactory No
11800 First National Bank of Hamilton Hamilton TX 10/21/96 Satisfactory No
17002 Community National Bank Hondo TX 10/8/96 Outstanding Yes
17383 Brazoswood National Bank, N.A. Richwood TX 9/26/96 Satisfactory No
6572 The Texas National Bank of Waco Waco TX 10/10/96 Satisfactory No
2597 First Security Bank, N.A. Salt Lake City UT 6/30/96 Outstanding Yes
18746 Redmond National Bank Redmond WA 10/18/96 Satisfactory Yes
22662 Fremont First National Bank Seattle WA 11/1/96 Satisfactory Yes
2725 First National Bank & Trust Co. of Beloit Beloit WI 6/12/96 Satisfactory Yes
15696 First National Bank of Glenwood Glenwood City WI 4/19/96 Outstanding Yes
15698 Hiawatha National Bank Hager City WI 8/12/96 Outstanding Yes
21289 Citizens Bank, N.A. Shawano WI 10/8/96 Satisfactory Yes
10370 Matewan National Bank Matewan WV 6/30/96 Outstanding Yes