Credit Cards

The credit card business entails bank management involvement in all aspects of the product line, including marketing, solicitations, credit reporting, recordkeeping, rate policies, and risk management. National banks manage their credit card products within a regulatory framework designed to protect consumers and ensure safe and sound practices.

Follow the links on this page to regulatory resources related to the credit card business.


Consumer Credit Reporting Practices (OCC 2000-3, February 2000), Advisory Letter (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, January 2000)
Covers gaps in reporting problem credit histories to the credit bureaus by credit card issuers and lenders

Credit Card Lending: Account Management and Loss Allowance Guidance (OCC 2003-1, January 2003), Interagency Guidance
Provides guidance for account risk, risk management, and loss allowance practices to institutions engaged in credit card lending

Credit Card Preapproved Solicitations (AL 1996-7, September 1996)
Alerts national banks to the risks associated with preapproved solicitations of credit cards

Gift Card Disclosures, Guidance on Disclosure and Marketing Issues (OCC 2006-34, August 2006)
Provides guidance to national banks on disclosure and marketing issues related to gift cards and informing consumers of terms and conditions