General Retail Credit

Guidance related to general retail credit.


Implementation of Advanced Approaches of the Basel II Capital Accord (OCC 2007-47, December 2007), Final Rule (Federal Register, December 7, 2007)
Summarizes the final rule implementing the advanced approaches of the Basel II Capital Accord

Interagency Statement on Meeting the Needs of Creditworthy Borrowers (NR 2008-131, November 2008)
Summarizes several programs designed to strengthen the capital foundation of financial institutions and improve the overall functioning of credit markets

OCC Issues Statement in Support of Responsible Loss Mitigation Activities (NR 2009-92, August 2009), Statement (FFIEC)
Reiterates the FFIEC's continued support for programs designed to preserve homeownership

Other-Than-Temporary Impairment Accounting: OCC Advisory on FASB Changes (OCC 2009-11, April 2009)
Covers accounting changes and expectations for bank management when determining whether a security has an other than temporary impairment

Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Military Servicemembers and Dependents (OCC 2007-40, October 2007), Final Rule (Federal Register, August 31, 2007)
Covers terms of credit extensions to active duty servicemembers and their dependents (covered borrowers)