Other Retail Products

Retail guidance related to other retail products, such as overdrafts, reverse mortgages, payday lending, and more.


Automated Clearing House Activities: Risk Management Guidance (OCC 2006-39, September 2006)
Outlines the key components of an automated clearing house risk management program that reflects the complexity of a bank’s activities

Consumer Tips for Avoiding Mortgage Modification Scams and Foreclosure Rescue Scams (CA 2009-1, April 2009), News Release
Outlines common scams and provides consumer guidelines for appropriate actions

Debt Cancellation Contracts and Debt Suspension Agreements (OCC 2002-40, October 2002), Final Rule (Federal Register, September 19, 2002)
Establishes standards governing debt cancellation contracts and debt suspension agreements subject to appropriate consumer protections

Electronic Fund Transfers (12 CFR Part 205 Overdrafts) (Federal Register, November 17, 2009)
Covers the rule limiting the ability of a financial institution to assess overdraft fees unless consumers affirmatively consent

Overdraft Protection Programs (OCC 2005-9, April 2005), Final Guidance (Federal Register, February 24, 2005)
Identifies concerns about the marketing, disclosure, and implementation of overdraft protection programs

Payday Lending (AL 2000-10, November 2000)
Covers the safety and soundness, compliance, consumer protection, and other risks to banks offering payday lending

Payment Processors: Risk Management Guidance (OCC 2008-12, April 2008)
Provides guidance for due diligence, underwriting, and monitoring of entities that process payments for telemarketers and other merchant clients

Title Loan Programs (AL 2000-11, November 2000)
Alerts national banks to the significant risks associated with title lending and to OCC's intention to examine carefully title-lending activities