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Minh-Hai Tran-Lam

Senior Deputy Comptroller for the Office of Management/Chief Management Officer

Photo of Minh-Hai Tran-Lam

Minh-Hai Tran-Lam is the Senior Deputy Comptroller for the Office of Management/Chief Management Officer at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

In her role, Ms. Tran-Lam is responsible for the OCC's departments of financial management, human capital, administrative operations, and information technology. She assumed these duties in October 2022.

Ms. Tran-Lam has expertise in delivering Federal strategies, regulations, and government-wide programs in capital planning, portfolio management, shared services, financial management, information technology, and business operations improvement.

Prior to joining the OCC, Ms. Tran-Lam was the Chief of Staff to the Chief Information Officer at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation where she oversaw financial management, human resources management, procurement, policy, and technology initiatives.

She has held leadership roles at the Department of State’s Bureau of Information Resource Management, managing day-to-day global business management operations, congressional relations, and implementation of cross-cutting regulations. Ms. Tran-Lam also served at the Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget, where she was responsible for oversight of the Federal government’s information technology portfolio and led domestic policy initiatives across the Executive Branch. Earlier in her career, Ms. Tran-Lam held policy-making positions at the Federal Aviation Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

She received her undergraduate degree in environmental science from the University of Virginia and holds a master's degree from the George Mason University School of Public Policy, with a concentration in science and technology.