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Differently Abled Workforce Network (DAWN)

The Differently Abled Workforce Network (DAWN) is an OCC employee network group dedicated to fostering a workplace that values and respects individuals with different abilities. DAWN seeks to assist the agency as it strives to become a model employer of persons with disabilities and those in caregiver roles to ensure their full inclusion and engagement in all aspects of our workforce. DAWN also serves as a source of support and information for OCC employees and their family members with disabilities. We are committed to embracing differences, promoting creativity, and developing opportunities for awareness and education.

DAWN's goals and objectives are to:

  • Assist in providing disability education to managers and employees, including education regarding visible and nonvisible disabilities, permanent and temporary disabilities, caregiver roles, and the Reasonable Accommodation process.
  • Identify, recognize, and encourage ongoing successful collaboration between leadership and employees with disabilities or caregivers. Share success stories while maintaining privacy, recommend possible solutions, and explore new ideas or expand existing programs as needed.
  • Provide input into efforts to address any employment and workplace issues relating to recruitment, hiring, and career advancement.
  • Identify and promote available tools and resources, such as best-practices in new technologies and policies across the agency, that enable differently abled employees to continue to have access to the latest assistive devices.
  • Promote understanding and transparency around Reasonable Accommodation.
  • Encourage an all-inclusive, welcoming environment for all employees to participate fully in the agency's workforce.