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2002 Alerts

Publish DateIdentifierTitle
11/26/2002  Alert 2002-14, Moratoriuum on FinCEN 314(a) Information Requests
11/21/2002  Alert 2002-13, Unauthorized Banking: Illegal References to Bank Affiliation and Bank Supervisor
11/14/2002  Alert 2002-12, Unauthorized Banking: Current List of OCC Alerts on Unauthorized Banking
10/03/2002  Alert 2002-11, Emergency Communications and National BankNet
08/19/2002  Alert 2002-10, Internet Banking Fraud: Fictitious Digital Investment Certificates
08/08/2002  Alert 2002-9, Unauthorized Banking: Unauthorized Sale of Samoan Banking Licenses
07/22/2002  Alert 2002-8, Unauthorized Banking: Unauthorized Banking Entities - Belize
07/01/2002  Alert 2002-7, Fictitious Regulatory Agency Issuances: Fictitious Financial Programs Attributed To the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
05/07/2002  Alert 2002-6, Identity Theft: Fictitious Bank Correspondence and Fraud Reporting Forms
05/07/2002  Alert 2002-5, Stolen Official Documents: Stolen Blank Birth and Death Certificate Forms
04/17/2002  Alert 2002-4, Identity Theft: Organized Gang and Teller Collusion Schemes
04/05/2002  Alert 2002-3, Identity Theft: Fictitious IRS Forms and Bank Letters
03/14/2002  Alert 2002-2, Unauthorized Banking: Chase Trust Bank
03/13/2002  Alert 2002-1, Suspicious Transactions: TCF National Bank letters of confirmation