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News Release 2012-17 | February 2, 2012

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Moves Toward Paperless Delivery of News and Information

WASHINGTON—The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency today announced plans to end paper distribution of news and issuances by June 1, 2012.

"Moving toward paperless delivery of our news, alerts, bulletins, and other publications helps ensure this important information reaches the banks and savings associations we regulate in a more timely, efficient, and cost effective manner," said acting Comptroller of the Currency John Walsh. "Going paperless is a good business decision that makes sense for our environment."

The OCC notified national banks, federal savings associations, and employees of its decision to eliminate hardcopy distribution of most materials in a bulletin posted to its website today.

To make sure members of the financial services industry and examiners can continue to get the guidance and regulatory material they depend on to do their jobs, the OCC offers a number of electronic means for disseminating this information.

Discontinuing the printing and distribution of news, issuances, and publications is part of the OCC's broader commitment to being "green." OCC has emphasized sustainability and environmental stewardship in renewing leases on facilities throughout the country and is relocating headquarters staff in November 2012 to a new LEED Gold certified building in Washington, D.C. The new headquarters building uses 35 percent less energy than a typical building of its size and reduces water use. Throughout the agency, employees also take a personal stake in caring for the environment in going about their everyday duties by recycling, using energy efficient lighting and office equipment, limiting the use of paper, and using recycled materials when paper and plastic products are necessary.

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