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Economics Staff

The Economics Department by Sections

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Risk Analysis (RA)


Economic and Policy Analysis (E&PA)


Data and Analytical Solutions (DAS)

The Risk Analysis divisions provide expertise on quantitative modeling of credit risk, market risk, and enterprise-wide risk to bank examiners and policy makers, conduct research in those areas, and deliver expert analysis of policy issues.

The Divisions in RA:


The OCC uses quantitative and analytical skills provided by Economic and Policy Analysis to monitor and assess banking and financial market conditions. This research and analysis help advance the methodological tools used in risk measurement models, increase the understanding of banking issues, and inform policy makers.

The Divisions in E&PA:


The DAS division provides Economics staff with data, analytical and technology services. They develop and manage information resources that support research and analysis, implement tools and techniques to support evolving analytical needs and customize information delivery systems to disseminate products to Economics client areas. They develop and manage specialized technical platforms that provide access to software and data that enables the work of the Economics department. They also represent Economics and the OCC in a variety of data and technology policy and governance bodies.


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All Staff


Anderson, Andrew

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Barakova, Irina
Barriga, Agapito
Bautista, Sebastian
Becnel, Michel
Bogaard, Hein
Butaru, Florentin

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Campbell, Yvonne
Carhill, Michael
Chen, Denghui (Joseph)
Chen, QingQing
Chomsisengphet, Souphala
Christie, Angelina
Clark, Brian
Cobas, Maria Gloria
Covindassamy, Genevre
Culbertson, John

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Deng, Ran
Desai, Umeshchandra (Umesh)
Do, Chau
Du Ding
Dua, CJ
Dunham, Connie
Dunn, Robert
Duong, Diep

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Ebrahim, Alireza

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Fang, Jiguang
Floyd, Eugene
Foley, Michael
Furst, Karen

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Gaul, Lewis
Gathani, Val
Glennon, Dennis
Glynn, Alexandra
Grantham, Dan
Gray, Russell

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Haghani, Shermineh
Hasan, Nazmul
Hirschhorn, Eric
Huang, Hai

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Jackson, Kristoffer (Kip)
Jackson, Marcus
Jacob, Marilyn

Jang, Inwon
Jones, Jonathan

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Kariya, Mineto
Kiefer, Hua
Krebbs, Qingqing
Krisch, David
Krivorotov, George
Kurbanov, Erjan

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Lee, Sang-Sub
Lewis-Faupel, Sean C.
Li, Feng
Luo, Hao Arthur

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Malagon, Christian
Manning, Mark
Martin, Antoinette
Martinez, Monica
Mayock, Tom
Mejia, Maria
Moloney, Paul
Moreland, Linda
Moylan, Richard

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Nam, Tong-yob E.
Nett, Heather
Nisenson, Richard

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O’Brien, Karen
Olson, Luke
Overton, Medea

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Paley, Irina
Palvia, Ajay
Park, Sunjin
Parthasarathy, Harini
Pasha, Semmi
Pierre, Norbert

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Qi, Min

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Rambharat, Ricky
Reardon, Matthew
Reese, Katie
Refayet, Ehraz
Reinauer, Eric
Reisz, Alexander
Reynolds, Christopher
Ribeiro da Silva, Arthur
Richey, Jeremiah
Robertson, Doug
Roy, Maxime
Rutner, Jack

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Salahura, Gheorghe
Savoy, Phyllis
Scavotto, Robert
Schaan, Desiree
Schenck, Natalya
Sengupta, Partha
Senney, Garrett
Sherman, Eleni
Shi, Lan
Siddique, Akhtar
Silber, Lauren
Skinkle, Bob
Souphom, Victor
St. Claire, Laura
Stiller, John
Sullivan, Michael
Sun, Junjie
Swanner, Inga
Szemely, Bela

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Taft, Oliver
Taylor, Adrienne
Tam, Yu Man
Tiernan, Natalie
Tom, Katherine
Tong, Zhong Yi
Tufts, Roger
Tzioumis, Konstantinos

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Vargas, Antonio
Villasmil, Regina
Voicu, Ioan
Von Poppen, Kevin

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Wang, Qun
Westphal, Jeff
Wexler, Paul
Whalen, Gary
Wheeler, Christopher
Williams, Norm
Worobec, Sean
Wu, Deming

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Yang, Xialong

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Zhang, Jian
Zhang, Simpson
Zhang, Xiaofei
Zhang, Yan (Jenny)
Zhao, Xinlei
Zhao, Ziying
Zhang, Yanan

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Staff by Division

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Industry and Regional Analysis Division

International Analysis and Banking Condition Division

Policy Analysis Division


Tufts, Roger

Deputy Director

Robertson, Doug


Cobas, Maria Gloria
Dunham, Connie
Floyd, Eugene
Furst, Karen
Gaul, Lewis
Martinez, Monica
Moylan, Richard
Palvia, Ajay
Rambharat, Ricky