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Assessments and Fees

National Banks are assessed and charged fees, which are used to support the agency in its work of examining and supervising national banks to ensure a safe and sound national banking system.

Semi-Annual Assessment

Licensing Fees

Reference: 12 CFR 5.5

All licensing fees have been suspended until further notice.

Miscellaneous Fees

Prepayment is required for bank histories and certifications.

Bank history - for single bank:
  • Less than 50 years

$                50.00

  • Fifty years or more

$              125.00

Bank histories are provided to determine the successor to an inactive national bank. They include corporate transactions such as name changes, mergers, closings, and the current address of the successor institution, if available.
Certificates relating to licensing bank activities:$              100.00
  • Title changes


  • Mergers


  • Articles of association


  • Declaration of insolvency


  • Charter


  • Corporate existence


  • Fiduciary powers




Certificate of Authenticity (12 CFR 4)

$              100.00



Copies of certificates

$                10.00



Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests:


  • Search and review
 $  35.00 an hour
  • Photocopying
 $    0.20 a page


Examination reports:


  • Initial copy
  • Additional copies - each

$                10.00

  • Special requests - each

$                50.00

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