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News Release 1997-12 | January 30, 1997

Interagency Corporate Forms Available

Joint Release

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve Board Office of Thrift Supervision

The four federal banking agencies have adopted three interagency corporate forms that replace and streamline forms that had previously been different for each agency.

Under Section 304 of the Riegle Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994, the agencies have developed forms that promote consistency and uniformity in a manner that reduces federal regulatory burden on the banking industry. These are the first uniform corporate forms adopted and issued by the agencies.

The forms adopted by the agencies are:

  • Interagency Notice of Change in Control: Generally, this notice is used by persons who wish to acquire control of a depository institution;
  • Interagency Notice of Change in Director and Senior Executive Officer: This notice is used to notify the appropriate regulatory agency when required prior to the employment of a new director or senior executive officer; and,
  • Interagency Biographical and Financial Report: This report is filed in conjunction with the Interagency Notice of Change in Control and the Interagency Notice of Change in Director and Senior Executive Officer. It is also used by organizers of a new financial institution and for other related purposes.

The revised forms will be available from each of the federal banking agencies. On the Internet, they will be available at and at In addition, they will be available from the fax-on-demand system at (202) 906-5660 or (202) 479-0141.

The regulatory agencies are continuing to review other corporate forms in their efforts to achieve uniformity and to simplify or eliminate duplicative or outmoded policies or procedures which unnecessarily burden financial institutions.