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News Release 2002-53 | June 21, 2002

Bill McPherson Named Deputy Comptroller for Large Banks; Michael Brosnan Appointed Examiner-in-Charge

WASHINGTON — The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced today that James W. (Bill) McPherson has been named Deputy Comptroller for Large Banks. Mr. McPherson, who has served as the Examiner-in-Charge for Bank of America, NA, since January, 1998, will report to Douglas W. Roeder, Senior Deputy Comptroller for Large Banks.

"Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new position," said Mr. Roeder. "Having been the Examiner-in-Charge of the largest bank that the OCC regulates, we need Bill's unparalleled insight in how best to regulate our large banks in the diverse and challenging financial services marketplace."

In his new position, Mr. McPherson will be one of three Deputy Comptrollers overseeing the large bank group. He succeeds Timothy W. Long, recently appointed as Senior Deputy Comptroller for Mid-Size/Community Banks.

The OCC also announced that Michael L. Brosnan will replace Mr. McPherson as Examiner-in-Charge for Bank of America, NA. Mr. Brosnan has served as Deputy Comptroller for Risk Evaluation since his appointment in April 1998.

"The OCC prides itself on having expert examiners both in Washington and in the field," said Mr. Roeder. "We are pleased to have Mike, who has been on the cutting edge on many regulatory issues, bring his talents and perspective to our large bank program."

Mr. McPherson and Mr. Brosnan will assume their new positions in August 2002.

Mr. McPherson graduated from the University of Georgia, Athens in May, 1971 and joined the OCC in June, 1972 as an Assistant National Bank Examiner in Tallahassee, Florida. In April, 1978, he was promoted to a National Bank Examiner in Atlanta and in April, 1983, he became a multinational examiner in Washington, D.C. Mr. McPherson also served as Director of the Southern Field Office in Atlanta and Director of Large Bank Supervision — Regional Banks in Washington, D.C. before becoming Examiner-in-Charge of Bank of America, NA.

Mr. Brosnan, a 19-year OCC veteran, holds a B.A. and M.B.A. from Lychburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia. He has served as a bank examiner with the OCC's large bank supervision staff in Chicago and with the field staff in Miami, where he specialized in examining capital market activities. In 1995, Mr. Brosnan was appointed Director of the OCC's Treasury and Market Risk Division and served there until his appointment as Deputy Comptroller for Risk
Evaluation in April 1998.

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