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News Release 2002-83 | October 21, 2002

OCC Announces Four Appointments in Bank Supervision

WASHINGTON — The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced today that David D. Gibbons has been named Deputy Comptroller for Special Supervision, succeeding Jerilyn Gilland, who will become one of two Deputy Comptrollers supervising the newly realigned district headquarters in Dallas.

Replacing Mr. Gibbons as acting Deputy Comptroller for credit risk is Barbara Grunkemeyer. The OCC also announced that Michael Drennan has been named Director of Treasury and Market Risk.

"As we begin the process of implementing a realignment of our district offices, I am very pleased that Jeri Gilland will be joining Deputy Comptroller Archie L. Bransford in overseeing the district office in Dallas," said Tim Long, Senior Deputy Comptroller for mid-size/community bank supervision. "With her background as former Deputy Comptroller for the Midwestern district, Jeri brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Dallas district."

Under the recently-announced district-office realignment, Dallas becomes the OCC's largest district. Because so many community banks are located within the district, two Deputy Comptrollers will oversee the office.

"I'm also grateful that Dave Gibbons agreed to oversee our Special Supervision unit," Mr. Long added. "His years of experience as a field examiner and in credit risk policy make him ideally suited to understand the special supervisory issues that arise in problem banks."

As head of the OCC's special supervision unit, Mr. Gibbons will oversee the agency's problem bank supervision program, including problem bank specialists and fraud specialists. The problem bank specialists supervise national banks in critical condition and oversee bank closings. Fraud specialists, who are deployed in each of the OCC's districts and in the large bank group, deal with a wide variety of fraud-related issues.

Mr. Gibbons joined the OCC in 1977 and became Deputy Comptroller for credit risk in May, 1997. He previously worked in multinational bank supervision and was Examiner-in-Charge at a number of large banks, including Chase Manhattan Bank, Fleet National Bank and Shawmut National Bank. He holds a B.A. in economics and finance from Alfred University, Alfred, N.Y. Ms. Gilland joined the OCC in 1974 and became Deputy Comptroller for the OCC's Midwestern District in May, 1997. Ms. Gilland holds a B.A. in economics from North Texas State University and is a graduate of the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking.

Both Ms. Gilland and Mr. Gibbons will report to Mr. Long, while Ms. Grunkemeyer will report to Wayne Rushton, Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief National Bank Examiner.

"In addition to her years of experience as a credit risk expert, Barbara worked in the private sector as vice president and senior manager for commercial lending at Bank of Boston," Mr. Rushton said. "The combination of regulatory and private sector banking experience gives her an invaluable perspective on the complex issues that come up every day at the OCC."

Ms. Grunkemeyer joined the OCC in 1991. She holds a BA in economics from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts.

Mr. Drennan, who joined the OCC in 1985, will be responsible for developing policies and examiner guidance for bank trading, interest rate risk, liquidity, securitization, derivatives, and dealer activities. He will also serve as the agency's primary liaison with its cadre of capital market examiners. Mr. Drennan will report to Kathryn E. Dick, Deputy Comptroller for Risk Evaluation. He received a BSBA in accounting from the Sam Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas and is a certified public accountant.

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